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Automation with RPA for more Optimized Operation

Higher quality

- Lower rate of human errors

- Enhanced compliance

Productivity boost

- 90% of executing time reduced

- 24/7 operation & real-time management

Cost optimization

- 80% of processing costs saved

- High ROI within 03 months

Speed & scalability

- Only from 1 week for a process automation

- 500+ process automated within 1-2 years

Explore how RPA creates value in business operation
Credit Limit Increase Processing
  • Application: Finance & Banking
  • Value: 70% of processing time saved, 99.9% accuracy
  • Technologies applied: RPA (Human & bot collaboration)
Explore how RPA creates value in business operation
Proof of Fund Auto Issuance
  • Application: Finance & Banking
  • Value: Only 2-minute processing time 
  • Technologies applied: RPA, Case Management 
Explore how RPA creates value in business operation
Intelligent Invoice Processing
  • Application: Finance & Accounting
  • Value: 90% of processing time saved, 50% of operational cost saved & Happy Accountants 
  • Technologies applied: IDP, RPA
Explore how RPA creates value in business operation
Pre-approval Letter processing in Mortgage
  • Application: Finance & Banking
  • Value: 100% automated operation, 99.9% accuracy
  • Technologies applied: IDP, Chatbot, RPA
Why customers choose FPT Software Europe as technology partner along the DX journey?
Since 2012, FPT Software Europe has successfully delivered thousand projects to 120+ EU customers both traditional IT services and next-gen technologies such as Hyperautomation, Cloud, Data Analytics, AI/ML, Lowcode, SAP, etc.

Speed & scale

Fast implementation & team scaling up/ down within 2-4 weeks

Cost optimization

At least 50% of total cost of ownership saved compared to equivalent solutions


Global standardized quality management system gaining trust among 1,000+ customers


Certificed Information Security Management System to ensure the compliance

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Optimize Your Operation with akaBot - an RPA Platform by FPT

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Actualizing the Enterprise's Automation Vision
SCSK Europe
  • 100% of process automated
  • Fast automation with only 4 weeks to complete the automation implementation
of processing time saved
of effort saved
Saving 50% of Costs by Migrating to akaBot
German Company
  • 60% total licensing cost saved
  • Only 6 weeks to finish migration for 6 processes of 3 business teams 
  • ROI within 2 months 
of costs saved
Fast ROI
within 2 months
Saving 80% of Processing Time
British Multinational Investment Bank, Vietnam Branch
  • 60% effort and 80% of processing time saved 
  • Only 7 weeks to finish migration
  • 24/7 availability for seamless operation  
of effort reduced
of processing time saved

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