5 Automation Tech Trends in 4.0 Era

Since the platforms for the 4.0 industry revolution are introduced, the automation industry is growing over time. With the support from big technology innovations such as The Internet of Things, Big Data, Edge Computing… the automation industry has witnessed an increasingly significant upgrade. Here are 5 automation trends that businesses need to take into consideration.

1. Autonomous Mobile Robots

As e-commerce expands, there is a greater need for rapid fulfilment, especially during holiday seasons. With the huge shopping demand, the story of guaranteeing enough labor is always a big challenge for big retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. As a result, in order to ensure the overall stability of the operational process, automation is crucial and the adoption of automatic mobile robots becomes more urgent than ever in the manufacturing and logistics industry. Moreover, the latest innovation of robots now can bolster their flexibility, diverse applications as well as navigation ability in uncontrolled environments.

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2. Machine Vision 

The automation has a massive potential for businesses as developers compete to increasingly include machine learning into their solutions. Used to serve in inspection and identification, the use of machine vision is now expanded along with the rise of digital transformation in the 4.0 era. There is no doubt that this technology will bring a whole new range of abilities to existing devices. For example, many vendors have ameliorated the capability of image capture and processing into their products such as smartphones and laptops. Not only does this technology provide new functionality, but it also integrates with the new advanced software, which makes products smarter. 

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3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

As we know, AI and machine learning refer to the ability of machines to learn and act intelligently, which implies that they can make decisions, perform tasks and even predict future outcomes based on what they learn from the data. With the development of RPA, AI is considered a big use in automation. Aligning with the expansion in utility, repetitive tasks are the main motivation to merge AI and machine learning with RPA. The addition of machine learning boosts the adaptation ability of the robotic system. These advances will eventually enhance both productivity and safety, which lead to more applications involving true collaboration between humans and robots.

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4. Grasp the new technologies 

Nowadays, gripping RPA solutions that do not require prior training and can be implemented in any sector, have been a challenge with all robotic developers. The merge of AI, machine vision into automation has been a game-changing invention for this industry. Many a vendor has improved robots when these virtual assistants can handle all kinds of products, even in areas that RPA has never been used before. As a result, the expansion of automation applications is more and more. 

Source: Medium

Another preparation for implementing RPA is looking out for providers that best support for the company. From a competitive industry, every RPA developer creates their own signature features highlighting their technology strength in a specific area. Therefore, after familiarising with all the products, firms need to select their suitable partner who understands the basic requirements of their customers’ industry.

5. Collaborative Robot Applications 

The latest trend of this list is collaborative robot applications. This has been growing in years and gains its popularity. Thanks to the adoption of this technology, small businesses who are shy to join this area can have chances to observe the opportunities that RPA provides. This shows that improved and advanced robots can now be run in any circumstances from small to big companies. The advantages that automation introduces are endless and its possibilities are continued to be explored.

Source: CiGen RPA


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