akaBot Was Honored “Innovation Star Award” In Vietnam Innovation Challenge 2023

At the Vietnam Innovation Challenge (VIC) awards ceremony, akaBot was honored as Innovation Star of the Year and will be honored in an international exhibition in the presence of the Prime Minister.

Under the direction of the Ministry of Planning and Investment and in collaboration with the National Innovation Centre and Meta Corporation, the Vietnam Innovation Challenge is an initiative to carry out the goals of the Vietnam Innovation Initiative (InnovateVN). The Vietnam Innovation Challenge has attracted 758 solution applications within the theme of 2023 “Innovation alongside digital transformation in businesses, participating in the global value chain,” including solutions from nations and territories with vibrant and developed innovation ecosystems like Singapore, South Korea, the US, Hong Kong (China), and more.

As the only solution of FPT Corporation to present in the Top 4 Best Innovative Solutions, akaBot outperformed more than 700 solutions from across the world. The “virtual robot assistants” provided by akaBot, which can mimic human behavior, enable organizations to automate a variety of repetitive tasks. The program’s solutions are rigorously assessed by experts over the course of three rounds and based on seven criteria, including the solutions’ originality and social sustainability, their effectiveness in resolving problems, their readiness for the Vietnamese market, and their business competency profile.

Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung and Meta Vice President for Public Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region Simon Milner gave awards to 4 outstanding solutions. 

Along with being highly evaluated for a qualified management team, akaBot also scored well on the “Readiness for the Vietnam market” criterion. In the domestic market, akaBot has deployed more than 5,000 virtual robots for 20 banks nationwide, making it the industry’s top partner in terms of Hyperautomation in the Finance – Banking sector. In addition, UBot, akaBot’s SaaS automation solution for Finance – Accounting departments, has helped 3,000 Vietnamese SMEs succeed in their digital transformation with 4.8 million invoices processed and a total automation value of 700,000 billion VND.

With the goal of achieving the Hyperautomation technology trend, akaBot continuously integrates advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Machine Learning to meet complex customer requirements and conquer potential markets globally. Up to now, FPT akaBot has had breakthroughs in the number of global customers when serving more than 3,500 businesses in 21 countries with more than 10,000 virtual robots deployed.

Significantly, the automation solution from FPT also achieved a near-perfect score and received positive feedback from the judges in the “Sustainability of the solution’s social impact” criterion. Virtual assistants from akaBot have liberated more than 11 million workers from tedious activities, cut processing time by 70%, and saved up to 21.9 million working hours annually in an endeavor to establish the ideal digital workplace. Additionally, akaBot contributes to a “green office” by reducing the amount of paper utilized at work by 60%.

Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung spoke about the potential of the solutions.

Commenting on the quality and development potential of the honored solutions, Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung assessed that these are solutions with a comprehensive, sustainable, problem-solving approach in a comprehensive picture with links between different parts, minimizing implementation risks and creating a roadmap for long-term implementation, capable of being replicated and widely disseminated in Vietnam and many other countries. The Minister emphasized: “I believe that this is a promising step to connect the public sector, private sector, and other socio-economic sectors to form, test, and implement innovation initiatives, contributing to increasing business productivity and promoting sustainable development of Vietnam’s economy.”

akaBot (FPT) is the operation optimization solution for enterprises based on RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform combined with Process Mining, OCR, Intelligent Document Processing, Machine Learning, Conversational AI, etc. Serving clients in 20+ countries, across 08 domains such as Banking & Finances, Retails, IT Services, Manufacturing, and Logistics…, akaBot is featured by Gartner Peer Insights, G2, and ranked as Top 6 Global RPA Platform by Software Reviews. akaBot also won the prestigious Stevie Award, The Asian Banker Award 2021, etc.

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