For a Stronger Women In Tech Community – Sharings From Successful Tech Ladies

According to a study from Deloitte, about a quarter of leadership roles in big tech firms will be held by women. This shows that the role and capabilities of women is increasingly being recognized, especially in a field that is dominated by men. On celebrating Women’s History Month, we show our appreciation for the contribution of women and discuss the best tips for young ladies who wish to be a part of the women in the tech community.

Why do we need more Women in Tech?

According to the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), women account for a majority of roles in the workforce, but they are highly underrepresented in technology areas, with only 25% of the global workforce in tech jobs being women.

STEM industries like science, engineering, mathematics, and computer science sections remained largely dominated by men. Meanwhile, fewer women (15%) than men hold leadership positions like managers and professionals, and they are likely to participate in administrative or service activities (19%), according to Paylab.

Gender stereotypes such as ‘masculine culture’ are among many challenges that women in tech positions may have to face. Many people are concerned that it would be challenging for women to balance their personal and work life, and they are incapable of performing complex technical tasks as their male counterparts in tech, despite having equivalent degrees. All these stereotypes have hindered women from pursuing their passions and inhibited their abilities.

There are several reasons why having more women in tech can directly benefit businesses and changes how the tech industry moves into a more gender-equal future that represents the voice of all consumers. 

The representation of women in tech is necessary for all businesses. (Source:

Increased diversity and innovation

A study by the Harvard Business Review stated that higher team diversity confers an advantage when it comes to generating more innovative ideas. 

Typically, women offer a different way of thinking than men. When people of different genders work together, they bring unique perspectives to the table and creative thought can flourish, which could lead to innovation in the tech industry where female-oriented products were once made solely by men.

Better problem-solving for better results

A perfect balance of males and females fosters higher problem-solving abilities, enabling members of all genders to cultivate different solutions and identify optimum results that drive growth. 

Nguyen Nhat Thanh Phuong – Head of Business Analyst at akaBot shared: “Thanks to their thoughtfulness and care, women are often assigned as Project Coordinator, Project Manager, and Scum Master in technology projects and they have done an excellent job in this position. In addition, having women in consulting jobs such as Business Analyst also improves performance since there is a wide range of perspectives and understanding from both genders.”

The presence of women enables better problem-solving, which can boost performance at the business unit level (Source:

More demand for tech role models

Role models have been proven to be vital to women, as 64% of women in tech report being inspired by a role model to pursue their career, according to research commissioned by CWJobs. Hence, more women in tech careers will motivate the younger generation of women to take the plunge into the industry. 

“Women who hold technical positions like Developers are often admired by their colleagues, offering them more advantages when working”, said Nguyen Nhat Thanh Phuong.

Empowering the #WomenInTech community

When women see other women willing to take on leadership positions, they are able to envision themselves in such roles and are motivated to put themselves forward and succeed in the tech field. 

“To all #WomanInTech, always strive for the better, inspire any girls out there who want to pursue a career in technology, and bring positivity into the workplace.”

Annie Nguyen Ngoc Anh – RPA Business Analyst

Besides, it’s important to identify the inner potential, stay focused on your passions, improve yourself, and seize opportunities to thrive in this industry. 

“It can be helpful to join professional networks or organizations to gain access to resources, support, and advice. However, it is critical to remember that there is no single definition of a successful Tech career; instead, develop your own route, take chances and network your way into opportunities you didn’t know existed, and finally, always pursue your passions.”

Le Thi Kieu Linh – RPA Business Analyst

“You may hear people say that it’s hard for women to be in this industry, and it is the man world. But you shouldn’t let them distract you from your goal –  study hard, work hard, try to improve yourself every day, and prove that they are wrong.”

Nguyen Thi Thao Ly – Front-end Developer

Finally, it’s necessary to find the perfect balance in a fast-paced industry. 

“Try to find balance in the hustle – break down your goal into smaller milestones and reward yourself with a 10-minute break, a 30-minute read, or a boba tea when you achieve one. Also, use every knowledge you gain along the way to find your strengths and perfect yourself.”

Nguyen Thi Van Anh – Head of Business Consultant
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