How akaBot Solutions Enable Short Payback Period For Businesses

For 4 times in a row, akaBot is proudly named the RPA Leader in G2 Seasonal Report. Notably, akaBot is highly appreciated as we enable fast automation payback: within 7 months, instead of the average period of 13 months, bringing us to the top 2 solutions with positive ROIs. How we manage to achieve such outstanding awards lies in the benefits we can deliver to customers.

Save costs

The automation solutions of akaBot have proven outstanding capabilities in cutting costs as our robot helps eliminate human errors and save time. Also, our diverse solution ecosystems allow businesses to enjoy a comprehensive automation process without working with too many vendors.

Enhance productivity 

akaBot’s robots work continuously 24/7 and require no coffee break, ensuring higher productivity than manual methods. In addition, the Hyperautomation solutions of akaBot allow multiple intelligent technology platforms to integrate with the core RPA for a comprehensive automation process, contributing to optimal automation efficiency.

Learn more about akaBot’s Hyperautomation vision here!

Improve quality

RPA robots follow a script to perform tasks, which means minimizing human errors. Notably, akaBot’s Hyperautomation solutions are flexible as they enable “human in the loop”: humans are involved to make decisions on what robots are unsure about.  

Support fasts and easy scalability 

Speed is the highlighted keyword of akaBot. We develop the “Fast to Mass” methodology to quickly automate some most important processes of businesses. The method has helped akaBot to ensure up to 100% of automation project success rate. Also, the diverse service offerings allow us to support various departments in automating multiple tasks within the businesses. 

Develop effective change management plans

According to McKinsey, 70% of digital transformation programs fail due to employee resistance. akaBot helps enterprises get over this obstacle by supporting customer onboarding and internal communication. Besides, we make sure customers can enjoy the benefits within just a short amount of time by starting with some critical repetitive tasks. As the whole organization is excited about the change and understands robots are to support, not replace humans, they are more likely to support and engage with the project. 

4 times straight, akaBot is rated 9.5/10 in terms of User Adoption Rate in G2 Seasonal Report. Explore more and enjoy a 2-month free trial of akaBot solutions here

Provide in-depth process understanding for businesses 

Before mass adoption, akaBot conducts surveys, and even applies Process Mining to research business processes carefully and figure out the best automation opportunities. For those businesses without standardized processes, we provide support to get the job done. Besides, akaBot accompanies businesses in every step of the implementation process, effectively monitoring the efficiency level and continuously optimizing the tailored solution as we go.

akaBot’s high quality of support has been recognized by customers. In both G2 2022 Spring and Summer Reports for RPA, akaBot received a high score (9.5/10) for support service, according to customers’ feedback.  

Positive ROI (return on investment) is always among the biggest concern of businesses when investing in a new solution. With confidence in technology capabilities, consulting service, product quality, and continuous effort, akaBot has accompanied 1,200+ businesses of various industries from 20+ countries. Customer recognition is our greatest momentum to thrive, to come up with more helpful solution packages, and improve service offerings quality.    

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