How RPA is applied in different industries?

Being a technology trend with high applications, do businesses already know how to apply RPA into many industries and fields in their operational processes to exploit the full potential of this virtual robot technology?

RPA resembles a virtual workforce that liberates employees from doing a repetitive job many times and easily making mistakes while it can simulate most tasks and brings efficiency and high precision. Moreover, RPA can be applied to many industries such as banking, logistics, manufacturing… or can also be applied to each department in the business. In order to comprehensively adopt RPA, enterprises need to consider the original goal, the necessary objectives to build automation solutions into enterprises.

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Banking is well known for its lengthy and complex processes as this sector demands much input information and exchange. With a huge amount of documents needed processing, the manual tasks for requesting samples, making deposits, withdrawing funds and various transaction processes are highly demanding for precision. Therefore, this makes RPA a perfect solution for handling data entry and statement processing, balance sheets, and several other benefits to the bank. By automating all the time-consuming transactions as well as data processing, operation activities can be streamlined.

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This sector is pretty much the same as banking when dealing with figures can make mistakes sometimes. Normally, the manual tasks including producing financial statements, card activation, account opening are complex and high demanding in maintaining data consistency. Now, RPA can perform all those tasks effortlessly and conveniently. We all know that robots can minimize the error from entering data, especially in the accounting part.

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The heavy workflow among insurance companies and their customers is the prioritized use circumstance for RPA. The signature of the insurance industry is the compilation of all the information coming from underwriting, claim processing, and insurance policies. This massive information can be easily coped with with automation technology. Thanks to the innovation of RPA, the entry data is able to direct into appropriate workstreams.

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The healthcare industry is arguably the most regulated and rigorous industry on this list, and it has an urgent need for efficiency and accuracy to manage large volumes of sensitive information. Adopting RPA in healthcare can shorten the waiting time for patients as it can generate a suitable healthcare process based on their pathological history records. Not only can the doctor suggest efficient treatment, but the patient can have a better experience. Since the automation enhances, the operational process can use RPA to improve success rate. With all the office tasks taken care of by automated technology, the patient might receive better care from hospital staff.

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In manufacturing, robots are indispensable parts. RPA has been used widely in many factories for years and now it is developing unceasly. The automation in manufacturing has led to various innovations in recent years, an act which bolster the application of RPA in other industries. Additionally, reducing labour work together with reinforcing the productivity are the incontrovertible advantages that automation has contributed. The implementation of RPA in manufacturing is diverse such as customer support, administration, data migration, inventory control and invoice processing.

RPA has provided the reduction in manual work volume for the business along with the productivity and accuracy. Moreover, the typical benefits such as saving time or well managing the information are applied to every industry. Since the automation technology is getting upgraded, the employee can focus more on the job and their value in the organisation.

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