Putting Customer First, akaBot Recognized in 2022 Gartner Peer Insight ‘Voice of the Customer’ Report and HFS Research SaaS & IDP Studies

akaBot was recently featured in some important reports and research in the IT world: 2022 Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Robotic Process Automation and HFS Research’s “Unlock the data in your documents to transform processing” and “akaBot goes SaaS-first to deliver robust process-specific RPA”. The Hyperautomation ecosystem has been highly evaluated with its capabilities, implementation and support experience, and product development direction.

4.5/5 rating on Gartner, first-time presence in “Voice of the Customer” report

Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’ (VOC) is a research document developed by Gartner, collecting reviews of various solutions to come up with an overall perspective of a specific IT market. The report has been well known for supporting thousands of businesses and decision-makers worldwide in making the best IT solution selections and IT spending

To be featured in the report, technology vendors must have 20+ eligible reviews during 18 months on Gartner for the product which aligns with that identified market. Then, the VOC methodology, which requires vendors to meet a certain level of User Interest & Adoption, and Overall Rating aspects, is applied to rank solution providers.  

akaBot FPT vendor summary (Source: 2022 Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Robotic Process Automation report)

For the first time, akaBot FPT, under the name of FPT Software, is included in the report with 43 authentic, unbiased reviews, an overall rating of 4.5/5, and 100% of users willing to recommend us. According to the report, the ecosystem is present in 6 major markets, serving 4 main verticals, and achieving positive ratings in all categories, especially Sales Experience and Support Experience. akaBot appears in the same quadrant with many other globally recognized solutions, including Microsoft, SAP, AutomationEdge, etc.

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This recognition further consolidates akaBot’s position as the leading RPA/ Hyperautomation ecosystem in the global market. In fact, akaBot has been listed in Gartner Peer Insights Top 20 RPA vendors and successfully joined the “Customer First” program in November, 2022. Learn more about akaBot on Gartner here.

7/10 outstanding IDP use cases efficiently solved with akaBot Vision

IDP, or Intelligent Document Processing, is the main topic of an HFS Research recent release  “Unlock the data in your documents to transform processing”. Redefining the term Intelligent Data Processing, HFS Research emphasizes that “it’s the data the documents contain that the enterprise needs to process, not the documents” and thereby highlights IDP’s capability of “handling the complexities of less-structured data to drive a straight-through process from document receipt to outcome delivery without human intervention.”

To aid the solution selection process, HFS Research looks into 42 current IDP vendors and comes up with datasets detailing some famous IDP use cases, and the main industries & functions this technology serves. 

akaBot’s IDP solution, or akaBot Vision, has a decent performance in the research, present in the same group with Microsoft, Google AI, OpenBots, etc. Specifically, akaBot is capable to cover 7/10 most popular IDP use cases, including Invoice management, Account management, Claims processing, Customer management, Contract management, Loan management, and Talent management.

From a broader view, akaBot actively serves 6 functions of Finance, Procurement or sourcing, Supply chain, Business services or shared services, Legal, risk, or compliance, and Operations or manufacturing. In addition, our IDP solution is trusted by businesses of 8 verticals, including Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance, Industrial manufacturing, Consumer Products, Retail, Logistics, Energy & Resources.

To maximize the efficiency of IDP, the report recommends “placing it at the heart of your process transformation”. akaBot ecosystem offers comprehensive solutions for optimization, with RPA taking care of mundane tasks, and IDP dealing with more cognitive ones, can be the ultimate choice for businesses on the journey to operational excellence.

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“Customer First” mindset encouraging new SaaS-first ecosystem development

HFS Research emphasized the importance of putting the customer first with akaBot being the telling example (Source: HFS Research)

Serving most customers working in the Accounting and Finance function, akaBot realized their struggle in invoice handling when regulations constantly change and processing software is demanded to be updated in real-time. Together with the Government’s electric invoicing enforcement and the initial idea of supporting SMEs in handling invoices more efficiently, akaBot successfully developed and constantly improved its SaaS ecosystem – UBot.

According to the “akaBot goes SaaS-first to deliver robust process-specific RPA” research in June 2023, RPAaaS solutions outweigh on-premise RPA in a way that the solution providers take responsibility for changes updates to ensure a seamless automation process: “By taking responsibility for the key interface in an end-to-end process, akaBot has made its very specific RPA robust versus this regular interruption.”

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With the Customer First strategy, akaBot has made UBot the fastest-growing ecosystem at akaBot, offering a one-stop-shop automation solution for Purchasing process and Annual general meeting organization with business process management, artificial intelligence, and machine learning integrated into it. 


To Gartner Peer Insights, HFS Research, and our beloved customers, thank you for the recognition. We are highly motivated and determined to continue putting your benefits first and actualize the vision of “Everyone can Automate”.

To access the abovementioned report & research and experience akaBot, please visit here!

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