RPA Handbook for Business Analyst

Business Analyst (BA), especially BA in the emerging field of technology industry called RPA, is a career orientation with strong growth potential, attracting many youngsters to pursue.

Despite creating a strong draw for many fresh graduates, BA in RPA seems to be new in terms of information sources or orientation, and there are not many specific shared documents. Many BAs who want to join this IT field also feel confused and don’t know where to start.

Based on the quality information and seasoned experience of the professional BA team at akaBot – FPT Software, RPA Handbook for Business Analyst is compiled to clearly map out the career path as well as give useful information and advice to boost your confidence in the role of BA RPA.

–          BA career orientation in RPA industry: https://bit.ly/BARPAcareer

–          Courses for BAs starting out in RPA: https://bit.ly/BAcourses

–          Notices when working with customers: https://bit.ly/BAxclient

–          Important KPIs of BA RPA: https://bit.ly/BAxKPI

Hopefully, the above sharings will be useful to BAs who are about to or have just joined the field of RPA. The development acceleration of RPA is getting stronger and stronger, thus opportunities for young people are also expanding.

To find out more detailed information, you can discuss at RPA Vietnam Community – A community sharing practical values ​​in learning, researching, understanding, applying and deploying automation in general and RPA in particular.

To gain more skills and knowledge about RPA, please join the courses at https://akademy.akabot.com

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