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The RPA Leader Provider in G2 2022 Fall Report

  • Best Average User Adoption Rate (74%)
  • Best Support Quality (9.6/10)
  • 90% of Business Requirement resolved

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* Source: Customer reviews from g2.com

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akaBot is the ultimate automation solution to streamline your operation, maximize your productivity, and optimize your use of resources. Ready to finish strong!

Evaluate operational system

akaBot leverages Process Mining to discover the inefficiencies and hidden optimization opportunities within 48 hours

Invest in optimization

Our tailored RPA robots take care of repetitive tasks for ~100% accuracy, and 90% time saved

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akaBot service supports change management and suggests improved process mapping for 80% productivity boosted.

G2 2022 Fall Report for RPA - akaBot Focused

Explore the performance of akaBot over the past 3 months and learn why akaBot should be your companion in this digital transformation journey.

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