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1akaBot introduction-ENMarketing27/02/2024
2akaBot Leaflet 2023 (EN)Marketing24/01/2024
3123 IDC Infobrief (EN)Marketing24/01/2024
4UVote Leaflet 2023 (EN)Marketing24/01/2024
5akaBot for Manufacturing (EN)Marketing24/01/2024
6 123 akaBot for Insurance (EN)Marketing24/01/2024
7AkaBot for Retail (EN)Marketing24/01/2024
8Optimize Your Back Office - Strengthen below the Surface (EN)Marketing24/01/2024
9UVote Sales Kit 2024 (EN)Marketing24/01/2024
11akaBot featured in Reports 2023 (EN)Marketing24/01/2024
12akaBot Product Roadmap 2024-2025 (EN)Product24/01/2024
13akaBot Ranking and Awards 2023 (EN)Marketing24/01/2024
18RPA Migration Offering 2024 (EN)Marketing24/01/2024
20The Mid-term Automation Scenario for Banks (EN)Marketing24/01/2024
26có trạng thái sau khi downloadTester27/02/2024