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akaBot Services

Comprehensive, supportive and time-effective RPA services to build your virtual workforce 

akaBot provides a full RPA solution from assessment to maintenance

Assessment & Proof of Concept (POC)


Maintenance & Support

CoE (Center of Excellence) development

Assessment & Proof of Concept (POC)

Start off with a head start and dominate the core of the built in domain processes with great dexterity

In order for us to harmonize, we will survey your business’ processes in which we would evaluate and brainstorm with ideas to feedback to your company:

  • Complete Survey of business processes.
  • Identify and priority potential business processes
  • Assess readiness of infrastructure and security
  • Evaluate and select RPA tool
  • Conduct business and technical PoC

Firstly, business processes in enterprises will be examined in order to assess the feasibility of applying akaBot.

Then, a specific procedure is chosen for the company that would test out our act using an akaBot.

Quickly verify the benefit of akaBot within the enterprise based on the result of PoC.


Automation delivery, deployment, testing and maintenance

The use of akaBot platform is to meet the full spectrum of RPA requirements that succor businesses to salvage cost significantly
  • Design & build RPA robot
  • Integration with OCR, Chatbot, Voice and AI engines
  • Automation delivery, deployment, testing, and maintenance
  • Build a RPA Center of Excellence for consistent implementation and support​

When a business does not have CoE

FPT provides a package of akaBot deployment services which comprehends: analyzing requirement; developing RPA programs based on the chosen platform, testing robots (akaBot Agents) and establishing them into the working environment.

Upon completion

we will continue monitoring the operations for a specified period of time as well as involving RPA experts to assist in troubleshooting when necessary.

As a result

the business has a set of akaBot Agents ready to be at your service. By applying akaBot, enterprises would boost their productivity and quality as well as minimize operating and labor costs.

Maintenance & Support

  • Operate, monitor, and maintain Robotics processes
  • Provide governance, management and documentation training and supporting
  • Update automation trends and technology
  • Support change management

CoE (Center of Excellence) development

– Covers end to end services: Assessment, Setup of CoE, Implementation and Managing of services.

– An internal CoE team helps you expand, develop and operate akaBot with your own resources.

The CoE is built in three phases.

– The purpose of building CoE (Center of Excellence) is to help businesses grow and run their own RPA management with their own resources.

CREATE  4-8 weeks

DELIVERY  4-8 weeks


Create (4-8 weeks)

  • Inform executives and stakeholders
  • Develop communication planning and internal marketing
  • Train workforce
  • Evaluate and select RPA platform

Delivery (4-8 weeks)

  • Develop strategy and roadmap
  • Form CoE development and operations team
  • Apply development model
  • Operationalize


  • Govern
  • Support
  • Manage changes
  • Communicate and consult

To help building the CoE of business, FPT provides installation services for technical environments, solution supplying, akaBot staff training, workflow development and consulting.

Having an internal CoE team can help businesses continue to expand, develop and operate akaBot by their own resources.

Upon completion, we will continue to support the monitoring and operations for a specified period of time and involve RPA experts to assist in troubleshooting if necessary.