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5 Automation Tech Trends in 4.0 Era
Since the platforms for the 4.0 industry revolution are introduced, the automation industry is growing over time. With the support from big technology innovations such as The Internet of Things, Big Data, Edge Computing… the automation industry has witnessed an increasingly significant upgrade.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Use Cases in Healthcare
Healthcare is constantly changing to be able to reach a wider amount of patients and improve services. However, since healthcare is a specialized field that deals with strict regulations and a mass amount of sensitive information, automation is not yet prevalent in healthcare settings.
5 questions you should consider before automation
Although automation might seem like the right choice for your business, there are a number of things to consider before making the ultimate decision.
Understanding the RPA Journey and Establishing an effective Center of Excellence
An RPA 'Center of Excellence' makes sure your digital initiatives are performing with real results and continue to improve with the processes . Read more to learn how they're created, who's involved, and where they fit in your RPA journey.
The history of RPA
Since its arrival in the 2000s, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) has many has questioned about its existence: 'Is this a new development or just an extension of its previous predecessors? "
Will RPA (and other automation technologies) take away human jobs?
With automation technologies getting smarter than ever, will they take away human jobs? The short answer is: It depends.
The role of RPA in digital transformation
Discover the crucial role of RPA in global digital transformation movement, and whether robots will replace the human workforce in the near future.
RPA, BPM and AI: What's the difference?
How are RPA, BPM and AI different? Find the answer in this helpful article with accessible visual infographics!
RPA Basics: All you need to know about Robotic Process Automation
Learn what RPA is, what it is NOT, its functionality, applications and most common misconceptions.