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5 must-read books on Intelligent Automation
to kick-start 2021

Undoubtedly, Intelligent Automation/IA or Hyperautomation is taking the world by storm in the next 5 years. So, whether you are an IT specialist, developer, business manager or simply a tech-lover, don’t miss out on these five fascinating reads to catch up on the latest automation trend. Stay tuned until the end for a special recommendation!

We believe that Hyperautomation principles are the foundations of future work [and the] catalyst to accelerate digital initiatives.

Gartner's 2021 Hyperautomation Predictions

5 books to kick-start your 2021’s automation initiatives

Author: Pascal Bornet, lan Barkin, Dr. Jochen Wirtz

Why you should read this book: 

This book is the gate-way book into “everything Intelligent Automation”. True to the esteemed reviews from Bernard Marr: “One of the most important books of our times!”, and Arianna Huffington’s “An essential reading for anybody who cares about the future of work”, this insightful book provides a concrete definition on Intelligent Automation (IA) and over 100 business applications, which several have achieved an impressive 20-60% growth thanks to automation initiatives. 

A thorough analysis on the many challenges when deploying automation is procured in this book, as well as predictions on the upcoming changes in the tech world. 

Author: Lasse Rouhiainen

Why you should read this book:  

The newest version of this book focuses on the significant impact of AI on  the world COVID-19. With sharp analysis, author Rouhiainen argues that emerging tech are transforming all aspects on businesses, society and people. Virtual assistants like chatbots and robots are functioning in the way that will revolutionize the 4.0 society.

The pandemic is also reshaping the current and future workforce. Therefore, re-education of skills and ethical standards is an important post-COVID. 

Author: Richard Murdoch

Why you should read this book:

If you wish to learn all about RPA – Robotic Process Automation in one sitting, this is the perfect book for you. In this RPA encyclopedia, you will find how to strategically deploy RPA initiatives, choose the right platform, manage projects, programming techniques and scenarios on various applications such as Windows, SAP, Databases, Excel etc. The book also presents a future of combined cognitive technology, AI, Machine Learning, which are expected to create synergy and enhance speed and efficiency in the machine age. 

This is also the book for entrepreneurs who want to reduce costs for their start-ups, programmers catching up on the latest tech trends, and for students or anyone wishing to redefine their career paths and own world views. 

Author: Tom Siebel

Why you should read this book:

Tom Siebel, the billionaire founder of Siebel Systems (famous for its Siebel CRM), talks about the four core technologies that are changing businesses and governments of the 21st century: Elastic Cloud computing, Big Data, AI and IoT. While the drastic change could intimidate many, Siebel argues that organizations not only can survive, but thrive in the digital wave by implementing these technologies. 

The book provides examples of AI và IoT applications from multinationals such as Enel, 3M, Royal Dutch Shell, and the U.S Department of Defense

Author: Kai-Fu Lee

Why you should read this book:


Deemed by Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella a “… smart analysis on human-AI coexistence” and “a must-read”. 

Realizing how fast China is catching up to the U.S’ technology with an exponential and unexpected pace, the book urges these tech giants to take responsibilities that came with the power that AI brings them. Job security is one of the hotter issues on the table, and author Kai-Fu Lee – former President of  Google China, described in details which jobs would be replaced or enhanced by AI, and more importantly how humans can offer solutions to one the most significant changes in the history of the world. 

The book I had been waiting for. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Bill Gates

An extremely interesting and highly acclaimed book for its insightful take on autnomous weapons. Army of None combines military history, global policies and newest technologies to explore the repercussions of allowing weapons to make life and death decisions. The author – an expert in next-generation warfare describes autonomous weapons deployed by over 30 nations globally like Israeli’s Harpy drone or the American submarine-hunting robot ‘Sea Hunter’, while analyzing the ethics and legality in using them. Scharre shows readers how technology should make war more precise and humane, yet life and death decisions cannot be made by anything but the human heart. 

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