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RPA & Intelligent Automation: 7 resources to get started

There has never been a better time to educate yourself about the world of Intelligent Automation. Whether you are an insightful IT specialist, a trail-blazing business manager or a curious student of technology, there are plenty of great resources to start your automation journey. Start with these seven resources in various formats, from books to podcasts, that will accommodate any learning style you prefer. 

As a result of the pandemic, new forms of automation will support 1 in 4 remote workers either directly or indirectly by 2022

Forrester's 2021 Predictions

1. Article: Will automation take away all our jobs? 

Author: David Autor

This succinct article provides a quick look into the future of automated workforce. Renowned economist David Autor explains how humans have come as far as creating jobs that people from 50 years wouldn’t have comprehended. The industrial revolution has come up with innovative tools to help our work become more efficient and less costly, and that’s the trajectory we’re following. Despite many technology innovations, human labors are still able to acquire jobs at a steady rate in the past 125. So, the real question is not whether there will be less jobs, but more so Will there be BETTER jobs?

Check out Autor’s extended talk about the future of human and virtual workforce.

2. Books: 5 Best-selling books on RPA and hyperautomation

Hand-selected for all RPA-enthusiasts, these five bets-selling books are a gold mine to kick-start your intelligent automation knowledge. Featuring established authors such as Kai-Fu Lee and Paul Scharre, this list includes an extensive range of topics within the realm of automation that you will sure not want to miss out. 

From RPA and hyperautomation basics to application in some of the largest economies in the world, these fascinating reads will help you catch up with the hottest technology trend of 2021 in no time!

3. Report: A guide to robotic process automation

This Deloitte’s 2017 report on RPA and Intelligent Automation in enterprises remains one of the most fundamental reads about the subject to date. Providing a comprehensible and thorough insight into the definition, benefits and applications of RPA, the report is something of a “RPA starter pack” for anyone, especially business managers who wish to capture the essence of RPA and automation technology.

Furthermore, it creates a 5-step automation strategy to help organizations navigate through the new-found wonders of enterprise automation. 

4. Survey: Reimagining the organization in the ‘Age of With’ – The 5th Annual Global Robotics Survey

In this 2019 analysis, Deloitte surveys 523 business executives in multiple industries across Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. This thorough survey reveals how the adoption of RPA is heading towards hyperautomation, and continuing to evolve. While more businesses have started to implement automation strategies into their plan, scaling remains a big question, for that they expect a rapid payback period of mere 15 months. 

The analysis points out six factors to successfully adopt Intelligent Automation within an organization, and other methods to avoid process fragmentation, which is seen by 36% of respondents as the main barrier to new technology.

5. Webinar: The Gartner 2021 Predictions: Accelerate Results Beyond RPA to Hyperautomation

One of the most anticipated trends in Gartner’s predictions for 2021 is automation, which since the last couple of years have been elevated to a much more futuristic discussion: Hyperautomation. 

The five predictions are live in the on-demand webinar titled “The Gartner 2021 Predictions: Accelerate Results Beyond RPA to Hyperautomation”. It reveals interesting insights into the future of work during and post-COVID, which serves as both a revealer and accelerator for new technology applications. The implications of RPA offerings in the upcoming years, as well as the trajectory of hyperautomation are discussed and visually mapped out in this webinar. 

6. Podcast: The AI Network Podcasts

Hosted by Seth Adler, this series of All-Things-Intelligent-Automation gathers automation and AI experts, as well as business representatives. From Warner Bros, Western Union to Danske Bank and other large-scaled enterprises, the podcast series explore various application and contemporary issues regarding the use of RPA and automation to harvest huge results in multi-industrial operations.

7. Online Learning: 8 high-ROI courses to become an RPA expert

If you’re looking for a more in-depth training, self-paced courses are for you. Check out these 8 amazing resources to get started on the self-education journey, which has always proven to benefit greatly to personal development as well as professional contributions. 

This list features learning and certification courses from Udemy, LinkedIn and The RPA Academy, as well as other trainings provided by established RPA service providers. 

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