FPT Software (akaBot) and TPBank Win Award for Best Process Automation Implementation

HANOI, Vietnam, May 5, 2021 – Vietnam’s leading ICT firm FPT Software has jointly won the 2021 Asian Banker Vietnam Country Award with its customer TPBank – one of the top commercial banks in Vietnam. FPT Software and TPBank were named Best Process Automation Implementation for the successful deployment of akaBot – FPT Software’s comprehensive […]

9 Practical Applications of Gartner Trends 2021 for Retail

Understanding repercussions from the pandemic on the retail industry, Gartner has recommended several advanced solutions to help these businesses achieve the goal of retail digital transformation and renovation. Source: Freepik Gartner Trends 2021 for Retails The explosion of Industry 4.0 has shifted the customers’ behavior. Besides, challenges of adapting the “new normal” scenario have accelerated […]

4 Facts of Invoice Processing Automation

An invoice is a document that records all the services or products provided by a business and details the amount of money owing for the work. Invoice processing is a function performed by the accounts payable department that operates invoices from receipt to payment and documents in a general ledger. Before automation, employees would manually […]

3 Ultimate Tips to Speed Up Your RPA Implementation

A recent report by Forrester suggests that many businesses have experienced difficulties in implementing RPA technology. Much to our surprise, these difficulties mainly happen in the post-installation stages, including performance and scalability, bot management, and desktop integration. Source: Forrester Big corporations might build their in-house RPA team to facilitate the workflow. However, many companies prefer […]

Quick PoC for Fast Automation in RPA Project

Businesses are fascinated by the concept of automation and digital transformation. Therefore, RPA is now implemented into many businesses as a solution to adapt to the digital era. Let’s take a look at quick PoC – a part that nudges RPA application in the right direction. Source: Cybercom Proof of concept (PoC), is a realization […]

Digital Future for Finance

Being the most traditional role in a company, Chief Financial Officers (CFO) are now facing the changing requirement and expectation for digital transformation in order to integrate in the industry 4.0. Source: 123RF The need of Digital Transformation in Finance Digital transformation is the strategic adoption of digital technologies into every aspect of the company […]

Automation for Better Customer Experience in Banking

With the fast pace needs of the modernized world, it is essential for banks to improve their processes to satisfy the demand of customers and stay competitive in an increasingly saturated market. Banking firms have to find ways to better their customer experience, maximize efficiency and reduce costs. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the answer […]