What Should RPA Freshers Keep in Mind When Creating Bots?

When starting with RPA platforms, many developers think that creating bots is simply a continuous drag-and-drop process to get the bot to run. However, to build understandable, easily modifiable, and sustainable RPA bots under changing environmental conditions, developers need to invest more. After two months of working at akaBot, RPA Developer Lương Minh Duy has […]

3 Tips to Build Bots More Efficiently With akaBot Studio

For the newbies to the akaBot Studio platform, our free Akademy courses can provide you with basic knowledge and skills. However, when it comes to practice, you will need the following tips to quickly get familiar with the platform and avoid errors. RPA is easy to access and has low entry barriers. Since working with […]

For a Stronger Women In Tech Community – Sharings From Successful Tech Ladies

According to a study from Deloitte, about a quarter of leadership roles in big tech firms will be held by women. This shows that the role and capabilities of women is increasingly being recognized, especially in a field that is dominated by men. On celebrating Women’s History Month, we show our appreciation for the contribution […]

3 Facts To Keep in Mind Before Getting Started with IDP

Many businesses globally are leveraging IDP to process documents more efficiently, which makes IDP one of the most developing markets in the tech world. Keeping up with the IDP trend can not only help businesses to optimize operations and save resources, but also open up various career opportunities for IT students and tech savvy. The […]

RPA Handbook for Business Analyst

Business Analyst (BA), especially BA in the emerging field of technology industry called RPA, is a career orientation with strong growth potential, attracting many youngsters to pursue. Despite creating a strong draw for many fresh graduates, BA in RPA seems to be new in terms of information sources or orientation, and there are not many […]

5 Useful Courses for BAs Who’ve Just Joined RPA

You’re an BA and you’ve just chosen RPA in your career path? Do not miss these useful courses that can help you a lot in the initial phase! Source: akaBot 1. RPA Business Analyst Foundation – UiPath Academy This course is among free courses by UiPath, one of the big RPA platform providers in the […]

RPA Career: When Robots Create Not Less but More Jobs for Humans

In this day and age, automation is the new way of working. The rise in technology adoption, such as RPA across various processes in multiple organizations is creating exciting career opportunities along with it. With the undeniable advantages of RPA in increasing efficiency, fewer errors, and decreased cost, businesses are finding it harder to not […]