Automated Data Collection: 3 Outstanding Case Studies Across Industries

Automated data collection is an inevitable part of a comprehensive automation strategy that brings greater growth opportunities for every business. This blog delves deep into the brief definition of Automated Data Collection and 3 outstanding case studies. What is automated data collection? Automated Data Collection is the process of automatically capturing, collecting, and extracting data […]

Real Time FX Rates Update in only 40 Seconds By RPA

Traditionally, banks display nominal exchange rates that last for the whole day and make several efforts to ensure profitability regardless of the currency’s striking variation. In recent years, real-time foreign exchange (FX) came to light with immediate rate calculation, providing banks and investors with concrete indicators to make decisions.  Yet, the best news is that […]

RPA Supports 100% of Test Case Execution for Banking’s QA Team

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is not a new concept, but it has finally become a part of the digital transfIn the context of the complicated Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses execute WFH for their employees, the global economy in general faces many challenges on how to operate effectively without adequate manpower. The banking sector is no […]