Taking Manufacturing To The Next Level With Intelligent Automation

Automation is not a new concept in the manufacturing industry. As digital transformation storms the sector, manufacturers start to pursue more advanced technologies, including Intelligent Automation. Significantly, more than 50% of the European manufacturers implemented AI, followed by Japan (30%) and the US (28%). Besides, AIMultiple revealed that manufacturing was the top industry to leverage […]

Intelligent Automation Taking The Banking Industry To New Heights

Banks today have to deal with unprecedented challenges – from growing chances of a recession, increasing customers’ expectations, and emerging fintech competition, to name a few. To stay competitive and profitable in the digital age, banks must innovate how they operate through the implementation of Intelligent Automation (IA) – a combination of Robotic Process Automation […]

Logistics In 2023: Overcome Challenges With Digital Experience

S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Supply Chain Digital Transformation Enterprise Survey 2023 reveals that logistics firms believe that digital transformation is crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive business world. According to the survey, 67% of logistics companies have embarked on the digital transformation journey to digitize business processes. Meanwhile, nearly […]

The True Value of RPA ROI

A few years ago, RPA was widely applied by businesses for their mission-critical processes because of its ability to perform tasks quickly, with 100% accuracy, and more stable than humans. According to the Deloitte Global RPA Survey 2018, by the end of 2025, RPA will reach almost universal adoption, becoming an indispensable technology trend worldwide. […]

What Should RPA Freshers Keep in Mind When Creating Bots?

When starting with RPA platforms, many developers think that creating bots is simply a continuous drag-and-drop process to get the bot to run. However, to build understandable, easily modifiable, and sustainable RPA bots under changing environmental conditions, developers need to invest more. After two months of working at akaBot, RPA Developer Lương Minh Duy has […]

Is Mid-year Business Review Necessary?

Half a year has passed and it is time to conduct a mid-year business review – a status update and a plan for the rest of the year. As businesses often end up with the same troubled systems, processes, or employees, a mid-year business review is crucial for any business that wants to remain on […]

Application Modernization From Views of Experts

Application Modernization has long been a significant topic in light of Industry 4.0, which is forcing many organizations to accelerate their plans for digital transformation. IDC predicts that by 2024, 92% of surveyed organizations say their legacy applications will be getting an update. But what is Application Modernization and why its adoption has now become […]

Breaking Down Silos Is a Must to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is crucial for business growth, offering greater benefits like improved collaboration, increased customer engagement, improved employee productivity and innovation, streamlined processes, superior data insights, etc. However, successfully embarking on a digital transformation journey is challenging since 70% of digital transformations fail, and siloed processes can be a profound cause, according to McKinsey. Dimension […]

Intelligent Automation in 2023: What IA Strategies Are Businesses Applying?

Intelligent Automation (IA) is a term that incorporates multiple technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into RPA to enhance its functionality. 2023 will be a year of significant automation potential, paving the way for IA to thrive. Currently, more than 68% of large organizations have adopted IA, according to Technative. For leaders […]

3 Tips to Build Bots More Efficiently With akaBot Studio

For the newbies to the akaBot Studio platform, our free Akademy courses can provide you with basic knowledge and skills. However, when it comes to practice, you will need the following tips to quickly get familiar with the platform and avoid errors. RPA is easy to access and has low entry barriers. Since working with […]