Optimize Business Operations: Top 10 Automation Use Cases

Businesses have more chances than ever to embark on automation to eliminate repetitive, rules-based, and manual processes. As Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will reach near-universal adoption, its applications will be found in every industry.  Deloitte RPA survey revealed that 53% of enterprises have already embarked on their RPA initiatives. And an additional 19% are planning […]

2024: AI and Automation to Leverage the Modern Workplace

Over the past few years, AI and automation have increasingly complemented human labor, helping organizations across various industries to reap the benefits. As 2024 approaches, it is undeniable that AI and automation will continue to play a pivotal role in the workplace, transforming how employees and employers deal with tasks.  AI, Automation, and the evolution […]

Breaking Down Silos Is a Must to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is crucial for business growth, offering greater benefits like improved collaboration, increased customer engagement, improved employee productivity and innovation, streamlined processes, superior data insights, etc. However, successfully embarking on a digital transformation journey is challenging since 70% of digital transformations fail, and siloed processes can be a profound cause, according to McKinsey. Dimension […]

Top 3 akaBot Use Cases For The Banking Industry

Integrating multiple intelligent technologies such as Process Mining, Task Mining, AI/ML, and IDP with RPA, akaBot’s Hyperautomation ecosystem is a companion to help banks solve security challenges, minimize interruptions and extend the scope of automation. Anti-money laundering (AML) In the globalization context, economic crimes with highly sophisticated and complex money laundering activities will emerge. However, […]

How To Start Q4 Properly And End 2022 On A Good Note?

Q4 is the last quarter of the fiscal year for companies. As Q4 approaches, every company is striving to break through and achieve its annual goals. According to Kabbage’s survey of 300 small businesses in the US, Q4 is the time when businesses generate the largest income of the year. Therefore, companies need to put […]

3 Facts To Keep in Mind Before Getting Started with IDP

Many businesses globally are leveraging IDP to process documents more efficiently, which makes IDP one of the most developing markets in the tech world. Keeping up with the IDP trend can not only help businesses to optimize operations and save resources, but also open up various career opportunities for IT students and tech savvy. The […]

Solving 3 Challenges When Businesses Move Towards Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation is the key for businesses to unlock their potential and develop comprehensively, as well as achieve the goals of optimizing operational efficiency, costs, and competitive advantage. But businesses still have difficulty when applying this superior technology solution. So what should businesses do to overcome the challenges and move towards an effective Hyperautomation journey? Why […]

3 Reasons For FMCG Companies To Apply Intelligent Automation

Increasingly demanding customers and competitive markets have promoted the FMCG industry to apply Intelligent Automation (IA) in the operation. With the ability to integrate AI and RPA, IA can optimize almost every aspect of the FMCG, helping businesses solve problems of customer needs, industry trends, and competitiveness in the market. What is Intelligent Automation?  Intelligent […]

Automating The Bank’s Front Office: How to Overcome Challenges?

The bank’s front office commonly deals with several complicated and time-consuming manual processes, posing challenges for banks in ensuring a stable business system, and cost-effective resources in the operation process while complying with strict compliance guidelines. The key to resolving these obstacles is extending automation horizons through the application of different technologies. However, implementing automation […]

How akaBot Solutions Enable Short Payback Period For Businesses

For 4 times in a row, akaBot is proudly named the RPA Leader in G2 Seasonal Report. Notably, akaBot is highly appreciated as we enable fast automation payback: within 7 months, instead of the average period of 13 months, bringing us to the top 2 solutions with positive ROIs. How we manage to achieve such […]