Why Do Banks Need To Bank On IDP?

Approximately 80% of banking data is unstructured. This poses a challenge for banks to unlock the hidden data about customer insights. Furthermore, since banks are dealing with a massive amount of data, compliance issues and productivity achievement are also becoming their top concern. But one way to solve the problem is an implementation of Intelligence […]

Gartner: 5 Major Drivers to Process Mining Adoption

According to Gartner, the Process Mining market will expand to $2.3 billion by 2025 at a double-digit CAGR of 33%. Process automation is one of the 5 driving factors for the deployment of Process Mining, as well as a key strategy for helping businesses in optimizing operations. What are the 4 remaining critical development strategies […]

3 Facts You Don’t Know About Your Business Processes

Only 4% of businesses track and monitor internal processes, which means they lack some crucial knowledge about what’s going on inside their systems. And if you’re one of them, questioning why your optimization initiatives keep failing, discover 3 important facts about business operations and find out for yourself the answer. Broken processes are lowering the […]

IDP Vs OCR: What’s The Better Choice?

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) are two confusing terms that are often used interchangeably. However, these are two different technology solutions, and IDP is considered an improvement of traditional OCR with a higher level of sophistication and maturity. So what are OCR and IDP? What is their difference? Which is the […]

How Businesses Are Winning With IDP and RPA Integration

IDP and RPA integration enables comprehensive automation of the data processing process, improved accuracy, and reduced reliance on human intervention. Enterprises applying integrated IDP and RPA solutions can enjoy numerous benefits, including improved operational efficiency, cost reductions, and increased employee value. What are IDP and RPA? IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) […]

The Perfect Match of RPA and Process Mining

While RPA helps businesses solve automation problems, Process Mining ensures the smooth operation of the RPA project. With RPA and Process Mining synergy, businesses are becoming more proactive in approaching Hyperautomation – a radical solution that creates a comprehensive automation process, helping businesses maximize operational efficiency, save costs, and achieve competitive advantages. So what are […]

IDP Use Cases: How Businesses Across Industries Process Data More Smartly

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is a valuable technology that allows accurate and efficient data processing, facilitating operational efficiency in businesses. So what industries can implement IDP to obtain the maximum benefits? Find out more details in the article below. Potential of IDP IDP is a technology that automatically collects and extracts data from semi-structured or […]

3 Technologies to Change The Mortgage Game

Mortgage lending is one of the most essential activities of banks and financial institutions. As a result, banks and financial institutions are always seeking methods to improve and expand their mortgage lending activities. The adoption of modern technologies ushered in a new era for the mortgage industry. Technology makes it easier to deal with the […]

Intelligent Automation – The Key to Agile And Resilient Future Enterprises

We are living in an ever-evolving world where businesses are required to stay agile and resilient in order to survive and thrive. The match made in heaven of RPA and AI, or Intelligent Automation, is considered the key driver to achieving this goal. The latest release of akaBot x IDC: Building an Agile Future Enterprise […]

Why Should Businesses Move to Intelligent Automation And Hyperautomation?

Businesses are showing interest in Intelligent Automation, a technology solution that helps businesses advance on the digital transformation’s journey and lead to Hyperautomation – one of the top 10 strategic technology trends by Gartner. So what is Intelligent Automation? What is the importance of implementing this technology in business operations? The article below will provide […]