RPA in Banking KYC

Banks and financial institutions are looking for ways to innovate and solve the expanding pressure from multiple problems. One way to achieve these goals is to leverage the upcoming development in technology and automation, especially using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). When applied to KYC, RPA is fundamental for this change to accomplishing productivity via computerizing […]

Real Time FX Rates Update in only 40 Seconds By RPA

Traditionally, banks display nominal exchange rates that last for the whole day and make several efforts to ensure profitability regardless of the currency’s striking variation. In recent years, real-time foreign exchange (FX) came to light with immediate rate calculation, providing banks and investors with concrete indicators to make decisions.  Yet, the best news is that […]

How Staff Value Robotics Automation In Workplace

The area of robotic process automation (RPA) has been expanding and growing rapidly in the last couple of years. As the digital robots perform tasks faster and more efficiently, the company can relieve its employees of such manual work and focus on complex and value-adding tasks instead. Mihai Faur, a CAO who was responsible for […]

Gartner: 12 Strategic Technology Trends for 2022 and Beyond

The unexpected effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change have impacted businesses up and down in many ways. That is why organizations are leaning towards an accelerated rate of digitalization and virtualization of how they maintain and drive their organizations forward. In 2022, with a high demand for sustainability and increasing data volumes, digital […]

Metrics (Qualitative – Quantitative Indicators) to Measure An RPA’s Project Success

In running a business or running a project, a leader’s hunch ​is a contributing factor to success. However, the most important factors to ensure the project’s success are measurement and quantification. At this time, the leader will need both qualitative and quantitative indicators. When an enterprise launches an automation project – using RPA technology, its […]

RPA Handbook for Business Analyst

Business Analyst (BA), especially BA in the emerging field of technology industry called RPA, is a career orientation with strong growth potential, attracting many youngsters to pursue. Despite creating a strong draw for many fresh graduates, BA in RPA seems to be new in terms of information sources or orientation, and there are not many […]

Doanh Nghiệp Bán Lẻ: Trụ Vững & Phục Hồi Sau Đại Dịch Covid

“Tăng sức đề kháng cho doanh nghiệp bán lẻ” là chủ đề của sự kiện đàm thoại trực tuyến IDG TekTalk số thứ 8 diễn ra vào ngày 30.9.2021. Sự kiện có sự góp mặt của chủ tịch Hiệp hội các nhà bán lẻ Việt Nam, đại diện doanh nghiệp bán lẻ Sơn Kim Retail […]

What is Hyperautomation?​

After being introduced, hyperautomation has quickly held the first place in the top 10 technology trends selected by Gartner. So let’s follow this article to find out what is hyperautomation and why it becomes the most popular trend in the automation industry? What is Hyperautomation? According to Gartner, hyperautomation is the concept allowing every operational task […]

8 Effective Ways to Scale RPA in Your Business

In the context of the 4.0 revolution taking place on a global scale, RPA is one of the increasingly popular technologies  which is  applied by many businesses. ​​Many consulting firms agree that the RPA scaling process within an enterprise is not an easy game. Gartner revealed that, even with undeniable benefits, RPA is not easy […]