Building a Powerful Digital Workforce: The Key to Success in Today’s Economy

The digital revolution has fundamentally reshaped our world. From the way we connect and shop to how we work and learn, technology is woven into the fabric of our daily lives. Businesses across the globe are no longer simply adapting to this digital landscape; they are actively shaping it. At the forefront of this transformation […]

How Can Malaysian Businesses Drive Innovation Without Disruption?

Driving innovation without causing disruption is a key challenge for businesses in Malaysia, especially as technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. While disruptive technologies like AI, blockchain, and IoT offer exciting opportunities, they can also shake up traditional business models. To navigate this landscape effectively, Malaysian businesses can adopt strategies that accelerate innovation […]

The Top Challenges Facing Banks in Digital Transformation and How To Solve Them

Digital transformation is a critical aspect of modern business strategy, and the banking industry is no exception. In a complex and ever-growing technology-driven world, banks should embark on digital transformation to stay competitive and drive growth.  However, as banks adapt to this digital age, they will face challenges requiring innovative solutions to achieve success. Top […]

Navigating The Future: 5 Technology Trends That Shape 2024

As 2024 is approaching, the pace of innovation is escalating, and new technology advancements are accelerating at an unprecedented rate. As it is an ongoing process, the year promises an exciting ride through the ever-evolving technology landscape and changing business dynamic. Emerging technologies to watch in 2024 1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Generative AI Generative […]

How Intelligent Automation Is Transforming The Insurance Industry?

In the digital age, new automation technologies and rising customer expectations are driving new digital businesses to advance. But the insurance industry has been historically slower to undertake major digital transformations. Several insurers still rely heavily on paper-based manual processes, causing customers to wait for prolonged periods while employees experience complex documentation. However, Intelligent Automation […]

Next Step: Give Your RPA Bots The Brain

In the previous blog: “RPA Robots Are Dumb”, you might be aware that RPA bots can only deal with simple, structured data. So they are often labeled as “dumb”. But the truth is, their intelligence could be leveraged with some advanced technologies to enhance the sophistication of automation. After attending the Intelligent Automation Summit 2022, I […]

Moving Beyond RPA Toward Hyperautomation

Automation is developing rapidly, from simple bots just a few years ago to “digital workers” and sophisticated automation solutions today. And two recent years, people talk much about the era of something new, which takes automation to another level – Gartner calls this “Hyperautomation.” The automation journey begins with RPA RPA, one of the most […]

3 Facts To Keep in Mind Before Getting Started with IDP

Many businesses globally are leveraging IDP to process documents more efficiently, which makes IDP one of the most developing markets in the tech world. Keeping up with the IDP trend can not only help businesses to optimize operations and save resources, but also open up various career opportunities for IT students and tech savvy. The […]

3 Reasons For FMCG Companies To Apply Intelligent Automation

Increasingly demanding customers and competitive markets have promoted the FMCG industry to apply Intelligent Automation (IA) in the operation. With the ability to integrate AI and RPA, IA can optimize almost every aspect of the FMCG, helping businesses solve problems of customer needs, industry trends, and competitiveness in the market. What is Intelligent Automation?  Intelligent […]

Automating The Bank’s Front Office: How to Overcome Challenges?

The bank’s front office commonly deals with several complicated and time-consuming manual processes, posing challenges for banks in ensuring a stable business system, and cost-effective resources in the operation process while complying with strict compliance guidelines. The key to resolving these obstacles is extending automation horizons through the application of different technologies. However, implementing automation […]