Top 3 akaBot Use Cases For The Banking Industry

Integrating multiple intelligent technologies such as Process Mining, Task Mining, AI/ML, and IDP with RPA, akaBot’s Hyperautomation ecosystem is a companion to help banks solve security challenges, minimize interruptions and extend the scope of automation. Anti-money laundering (AML) In the globalization context, economic crimes with highly sophisticated and complex money laundering activities will emerge. However, […]

Level Up Supply Chain Management With Intelligent Automation

Implementing Intelligent Automation in Supply Chain Management is one of the most effective ways to streamline operations, improve efficiency within production and meet new market needs. At RPA Breakout Session, Smart Manufacturing World Summit on 31 March 2023, Mr. Nikhil Patil, Principal Consultant (FPT Software Europe) hosted the session and shared his views about a resilient […]

3 Reasons For FMCG Companies To Apply Intelligent Automation

Increasingly demanding customers and competitive markets have promoted the FMCG industry to apply Intelligent Automation (IA) in the operation. With the ability to integrate AI and RPA, IA can optimize almost every aspect of the FMCG, helping businesses solve problems of customer needs, industry trends, and competitiveness in the market. What is Intelligent Automation?  Intelligent […]

IDP Use Cases: How Businesses Across Industries Process Data More Smartly

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is a valuable technology that allows accurate and efficient data processing, facilitating operational efficiency in businesses. So what industries can implement IDP to obtain the maximum benefits? Find out more details in the article below. Potential of IDP IDP is a technology that automatically collects and extracts data from semi-structured or […]

3 Technologies to Change The Mortgage Game

Mortgage lending is one of the most essential activities of banks and financial institutions. As a result, banks and financial institutions are always seeking methods to improve and expand their mortgage lending activities. The adoption of modern technologies ushered in a new era for the mortgage industry. Technology makes it easier to deal with the […]

Hyper-personalization – The Future of Retail Banking

In today’s volatile market, retail banks are compelled to rely on user data they have gathered in order to better satisfy customer’s demands. Accordingly, hyper-personalization in retail banking, which involves employing real-time predicted consumer demand data and analytics becomes crucial to expand or strengthen existing customer relationships and increase trust. Why is hyper-personalization imperative to […]

What is BaaS? Benefits, Use Cases & Opportunity For Vietnamese Retail Banks

BaaS (Banking-as-a-Service) is considered a new trend, especially when several businesses and retail banks focus on promoting a digital ecosystem, integrating with products and services of partners to increase convenience and experience for customers. So what is BaaS, and what values ​​does it bring to retail banking? Opportunities and challenges of banks when implementing BaaS […]

5 Key Takeaways From 2021: The Road to Success For Vietnamese Retail Banks

2021 was a tumultuous year as a new variant of COVID-19 emerged, putting everyone in the face of change. At this time, the retail banking industry in Vietnam in particular needs to quickly revive their spirits and prepare for changes in line with the current situation. This is the time for digital to once again […]

Hyperautomation – A supply-chain-optimization technology

Retail businesses of today are challenged by both internal and external factors. The key to resolve these obstacles is radically digitizing the supply chain through 8 important paradigm shifts and extending automation horizons through the application of complementary technology platforms. Challenges in the retail industry External forces There has been a sequence of worldwide upheavals […]

Automated Data Collection: 3 Outstanding Case Studies Across Industries

Automated data collection is an inevitable part of a comprehensive automation strategy that brings greater growth opportunities for every business. This blog delves deep into the brief definition of Automated Data Collection and 3 outstanding case studies. What is automated data collection? Automated Data Collection is the process of automatically capturing, collecting, and extracting data […]