RPA in Financial Services: Loan Processing

The banking industry is witnessing powerful changes thanks to digital transformation. With today’s customer-driven landscape, banks and mortgage companies are looking for ways to accommodate the high demands of customers. RPA is the solution for companies to gain a competitive edge and assist them in their journey to achieve excellence. In this series of articles, […]

How RPA is applied in different industries?

Being a technology trend with high applications, do businesses already know how to apply RPA into many industries and fields in their operational processes to exploit the full potential of this virtual robot technology? RPA resembles a virtual workforce that liberates employees from doing a repetitive job many times and easily making mistakes while it […]

The DX Race of Finance and Banking Sector

Industry 4.0 is happening all around us where significant transformation is occurring thanks to the digitization in many existing industries. Customers are adapting quickly to this eminent change as more and more people have grown accustomed to internet banking, or virtual assistants. According to the 2025 Fintech and Bank report from Bankbase and IDC, more […]

Automation Creates a Better Working Life for Bankers

A vital evolution that automation has to offer, besides better customer experience and greater profits, is happier employees. For banking, specifically, this technology has freed thousands of workers from mundane and stressful workloads, allowing improved productivity and satisfaction levels. The booming trend of bank automation The banker’s job has always been characterized as dull and […]

Digital Future for Finance

Being the most traditional role in a company, Chief Financial Officers (CFO) are now facing the changing requirement and expectation for digital transformation in order to integrate in the industry 4.0. Source: 123RF The need of Digital Transformation in Finance Digital transformation is the strategic adoption of digital technologies into every aspect of the company […]