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Capture your
business cards
and contacts with single tab

All information on business cards is captured quickly and contact information is read and saved to your smart phone simultaneously at high accuracy. Only recognizing business cards. Multiple business cards can be detected on a page. Go paperless!

Our Best Propositions for You!

This a common issue at every convention, when you receive a great quantity of business cards. With this application, you will:

  1. Never miss a card
  2. Feel free to exchange e-cards with people nearby
  3. Leverage your contacts, especially for Salesman’s
  4. Manager your contacts easily

App Screenshot

eBizCard engine is able to read all text fields on business cards then matching fields with their categories: company, name, position, email, phone number,…


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We are proud to help other businesses do their work, which is exciting. It’s great for a target of more efficient and productive environment and to be helping general progress overall.

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