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akaBot at the 2020 FPT Techday

This Thursday (11/19), the akaBot team participated in both the duo-exhibition and technology seminar as part of FPT’s biggest technology celebration: the 2020 FPT Techday. Take a look at our highlights of the daT


The FPT Techday this year is a celebration of many ‘firsts’. This is the first time that exhibition booths are displayed both physically and virtually. The virtual extension serves to reimagine what an ideal automated workspace would look like for businesses in the 5.0 era.

Showcasing the latest tech products and platforms, the duo-exhibition creates a unique opportunity for attendees to discuss all-things-tech with akaBot’s top RPA specialists. On the other hand,  akaBot was also able to communicate with potential business clients about RPA on both platforms which was truly a visionary concept, especially in the new normal post-COVID-19.

Technology Seminar

Themed ‘Smart Collaboration for Productivity’, this year’s technology panel gathers over 20 distinguished keynote speakers, including FPT top specialists and multinational company leaders, namely those from Microsoft, Salesforce, KPMG and more. akaBot’s representative, Mr. Ryan Bui, explored the latest intelligent automation trend (which would value $25 BN in 2027), provided a roadmap for RPA development in the next several years, and convinced the audience of the endless future opportunities presented by the Humans x AI x RPA ecosystem.

Mr. Bui also provided some case studies to demonstrate how RPA operates – by building robots that can emulate human’s performance, in order to facilitate process automation in the Finance and Banking sector.

Among the examples that he gave, one stood out was a Japan-based client, who spent abundant human resources to process over 400 loan contracts per day. After assessing the bank’s existing process, akaBot implemented robots to ‘read’ pictures of the contracts, uploaded by employees onto the system, turned them into structured data and processed them automatically without much humans’ intervention from there.

This is one of the most successful applications from akaBot, reducing processing time from 30 minutes down to a 5-minute effort, saving 60% HR expenses, and cutting customer waiting time by 80%.

Mr. Bui also talked about the direction in which the intelligent automation industry is heading towards. He expressed that akaBot is joining the global race in conquering unstructured data, which includes images, audio, speech, emails and more. They make up 80% of enterprise data according to Gartner. This ambitious goal is part of a comprehensive strategy to establish a sustainable synergy between Humans and Technology in the years to come.

Mr. Bui ended his keynote by stating that akaBot will strive to become the pioneering RPA platform of Vietnam in the world, moving closer and closer to an intelligent automated future.


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