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  • June 2019
  • Tokyo

The introduction of RPA is steadily increasing, but the promotion manager who feels “limit” to the effect of RPA introduction and has troubles like “does not lead to work efficiency improvement and cost reduction as I thought” Isn’t there not a few people?

On the other hand, it is FPT Japan Holdings Co., Ltd. Chief Delivery Officer and President of FPT Digital Processing Service (DPS), Mr.Do Van Khac, who aims for solving problems which are unique to Japanese companies. The factors such as the limited scope of RPA application and the excessive cost of robot development have been cited as factors.

In-house developed tools also make it possible to deliver higher value. FPT’s RPA tool “akaBotTM (akaBot)” consists of akaBot Studio, a development tool, akaBot Center for monitoring and managing robots, and akaBot Agent, an execution robot, and promotes digital transformation “akaminds Belongs to the family of integrated platforms called

Since akaminds can use deep learning, IoT, data analysis infrastructure, etc., combining akaBot with these modules will greatly expand the possibilities for use in business. As an example, advanced character recognition function “AI-OCR” can be integrated.

akaBot will be actively developed and will continue to grow in response to the expectations of user companies to become one of the top 10 RPA tools in the world and No. 1 in the Vietnamese market.