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FPT Techday Technology Forum, held on November 21, 2019, under the topic “Smart Start”, has attracted more than 3000 participants with 60 tech products and solutions from 46 stalls. This event was also impressed with “Technology Arena” consisting of 3 rounds: “Bot Battle”, “Gold Al Miner” and “Colder Gladiator”. This is the first time that the Bot Battle- a RPA contest has been held on the FPT Techday. The contest took place in the form of an individual contest, requiring contestants to apply the akaBot platform in order to create Bot scripts and also to perform the requirements of the given topic. The number of contestants participating in the Bot Battle is up to 30 people.

Before the contest, the contestants excitedly shared. From the unit DPS.MSG of FPT Software, the contestant- Pham Hong Phuc revealed that he and his FPT Software colleagues had invited each other to “bombard” this contest. According to Mr. Phuc, the Bot Battle revolved around the content of RPA (Robotic Process Automation, Process Automation) – a new technology appearing in Vietnam. He and his colleagues decided to participate in the contest because they wanted to learn about this new technology, so that they could find an orientation for their working development in the future.

At 10:09 a.m, all candidates received the topic and supporting materials from the Organizing Committee. From the beginning, the atmosphere at the Technology Battle gradually became intensely than ever. Despite being encouraged by many enthusiastic “fans”, most of the Bot Battle contestants could not hide the tension on their faces. The more lively and loudly the crowd cheers the more concentrated the contestants.

Candidates are highly concentrated on creating Bot

Only after 10 minutes of the contest, the first contestant submitted, and by 10:30 a.m, there were 5 candidates submitting. The organizers decided to increase the contest time from 20 minutes as originally planned to 30 minutes, creating the opportunity for the contestants so as to optimize their Bot products.

Champion of the Bot Battle (2nd from the right) focused on his exam. He is from DPS.ADD unit of FPT Software.
Photo: Khanh Linh

At 10:39 am, the contest results were published on the big screen. Accordingly, the winner of the first prize with the outstanding Bot product was Vu Van Tung (DPS.ADD – FPT Software). The second prize belonged to the contestant, Pham Hong Phuc (DPS.MSG – FPT Software). The Third Prize of the Bot Battle are in turn Nguyen Van Tuyen and Nguyen Dinh Hai.