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DX DAY 2020

DX Day 2020: “ Now is the time to ACT!”

The 2020 DX Day 2020 (Vietnam ICT Summit) has wrapped up successfully with more than 2,000 delegates from the government, ministries, ICT companies and news correspondences. The event was co-hosted by Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) and Authority of Information Technology Application (AITA), sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Communication.

VINASA’s President: “Now is the time to act”.

In his opening speech, Mr. Trương Gia Bình – President of VINASA emphasizes the importance of digital transformation to the local and national economy. It is the technology transition with the main purposes of increasing efficiency, effective communication, and contributing to the average national GDP. These objectives are all part of the larger national digital transformation campaign signed by the Prime Minister in early June 2020.

source: VietnamBiz

Mr. Trương Gia Bình urges participants: “This is when we need to connect , share responsibilities and act together”.

In the spirit of DX Day – Vietnam’s Digital Transformation Day, six conferences, all centered around digitalization in major industries, were held, namely: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics, Agriculture, Banking – Finance and SMEs. They have attracted in total more than 2.500 participants, truly demonstrating the curiosity and learning spirit needed for a successful digital movement. 

Vice Deputy Director of the MIC: “Digital transformation must become as prevalent as water and electricity”.

Source: Vietnamplus

Mr. Nguyễn Huy Dũng, Vice Deputy Director of the MIC affirmed: “Digital transformation can only succeed if everyone is involved. Digital technology must become as prevalent as water and electricity… guaranteed cyber security, affordable prices, easy to use and convenient for everyone”. 

Moreover, Mr. Dũng also said only when big companies create the infrastructure and platforms needed for smaller businesses to leverage, do we then succeed in creating an effective and applicable digital ecosystem”.

Celebrating Vietnamese top 10 ICT busineses

Source: VINASA

The 2020 Vietnam’s ICT Summit also acknowledged  the top 10 ICT businesses after three rounds of careful evaluation. According to the event’s report, these top 10’s total revenue in 2019 reached 1.975K billion VND, which makes up 76% total revenue of Vietnam’s ICT in 2019. With this trend, Mr. Trương Gia Bình believes that digital businesses will be the ‘pioneering force of national digital transformation’, contributing exponentially to the national GDP in the future. 

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