Half thousand visitors presented at the akaBot booth in Tokyo RPA World Seminar 2019 in Japan

The zone introducing akaBot – a comprehensive RPA solution for Japanese businesses, received a lot of interest and visits at RPA Digital World Tokyo 2019. Statistics have shown that there were 458 visitors. 141 of which are FPT’s patrons coming to discuss the tool akaBot.

The event took place on June 7 in Japan. In addition of discussing on hot topics related to RPA (Robotic Process Automation), guests can experience the practical tools for developing robots at the seminar of 4 companies: FPT Japan, Blue Prism, WorkFusion and UiPath. The first 5 companies to register akaBot trial for the actual business received 1 year of usage fee (for 1 account). In addition, FPT Japan provides training services for customers how to use the tool to create  robots in the customer’s environment and put them into practice.

As one of more than 40 businesses attending RPA Digital World Tokyo 2019, FPT Japan’s was out-standing with a red-orange main color booth. Head of Marketing Department of FPT Japan – Ho Viet Hong has informed that 458 attendants visited. Among them, 141 are FPT’s regular customers who come to find more about Tool akaBot. Not only being attractive at the hall, the online traffic on the “” website also increased dramatically. On average, there are usually only about 50 visitors coming to the page, during the event, this number has increased up to 5 times. Among them, 160 visitors visit the website via a link or QR code printed on the flyer, about 70 visitors searched on the web, the rest searched through SNS.

Directly discussing with customers at the event, Ms. Quach Lieu Hoan (Vice President of FPT Japan) said that the tool akaBot – the FPT’s comprehensive RPA solution – is easy to use for development engineers and also to apply on real problems, offered with competitive prices and strong support team. At the tool experience seminar, every seat is filled. According to Mr. Do Van Khac (Chairman and CEO of FPT DPS), this is the first time FPT attended a showcase for akaBot tool for Japanese businesses. The number of visitors to the fair is “Jingling”. FPT is on the right track when providing complete RPA solutions in Japan. After experiencing akaBot, a customer who is also providing RPA solution in Japan, commented, “Module to develop robots – akaBot Studio FPT has a convenient interface as much as UiPath’s. While, the module to manage robots- akaBot Center has the equivalent function of Automation Anywhere (AA) “. For Japanese people, the Japanese interface of akaBot FPT helps the tool become more friendly. Previously, in May, FPT DPS implemented RPA for customers in Indonesia. The company attended EVU Prozess & IT Tage 2019 forum – one of Germany’s largest technology events in the capital Berlin. Here, representatives of FPT and more than 200 businesses, including Top 500 global companies such as Airbus and RWE, discussed the future and the role of digital technology in it.

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