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 akaBot is among the Top 30 RPA products in Japan

In the latest report published by RPA Chaos Map in November, 2019, akaBot, for the first time, was honored in a list of the top 30 RPA (Robotic Processing Automation) products in Japan. The event has become the center of attention for tech lovers at home and abroad. 

The top 30 RPA ranking this year still has the presence of some big players in the RPA race such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blueprism, etc. Thus, there are also some fresh faces like Pega, Axelute , Macro Man, and our very own akaBot. akaBot has been growing stronger than ever in the RPA market worldwide. Therefore, the competition from both domestic and foreign rivals is going to increase significantly. Considered as challenges, but it is also a golden opportunity for akaBot to show its bravery, strategy, and orientation in the near future.

Top 30 RPA products in the world ranking (top left). Source:

Making its name on par with such big rivals such as UiPath or Automation Anywhere, the world-wide recognitionmarked a milestone for akaBot and FPT Software Corporation as a whole. Besides the efforts to rise above the competitors by adapting to all challenges from the market, we can all appreciate the relentless efforts of the team behind akaBot to bring the best product experiences and services to the customers.

Back to the future direction for akaBot, with the strategic plan of customer satisfaction and product quality centric, akaBot intends to invest more in manpower and other resources to optimize job performance. akaBot believes, with dedication, perseverance, together with a high quality standard and a competitive price, akaBot will continue to thrive and succeed in the future.