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Techfest 2020 | akaBot: “The way a solution is implemented is more crucial than the product itself”

On 11/28, the Vietnam Frontier Tech Summit (2020 Techfest Vietnam) was held successfully, making memorable remarks to tech lovers all over the country. akaBot participated in the summit’s Chapter 2 “Vietnam’s Potential”, providing an objective outlook on the Deep Tech trends in Vietnam, and that the Vietnamese minds possess a capable role in the global digital transformation movement.

Take a look at some of the highlights of the night:

Opening Speech


Ms. Doan Kieu My, founder of Yellow Blocks – an organization aiming to connect emerging tech businesses in Vietnam and overseas, ‘head’ of the Frontier Tech Village, made the opening remarks. She shared her goal to connect all tech players in Vietnam and introduced the latest deep tech trends. She also introduced the speakers from a variety of tech-based organizations who would be joining the panel, including those from Singapore, Austria, China and America.


Mr. Dinis Guarda – best-selling author and Youtuber in AI, Fintech and Blockchain talked about the 5.0 ecosystem of the 21st century. According to Mr. Guarda, the real challenge of our generation is to figure out a working model between businesses (which represent the society), universities (academic research institutions) and the government (policies).  

He emphasizes the importance of collaboration between these organizations would create real solutions, jobs and power for the whole society 5.0.

Chapter 1 – Global Overview


Starting off with some Singaporean deep tech trends, Mr Tuan Nguyen – Deputy Director of SGInnovate shared: “We are transitioning from value adders to value creators”. SG Innovate, a tech start up investment fund and connector, highly regards the role of deep tech for good, to which Mr. Nguyen demonstrated by stating several investments in AI and 3-D printing to accelerate the COVID sample testing and preservation in Singapore.


Mr. David Lang – strategic tech advisors for many multinationals, brought hype to the crowd by his message to the Vietnamese youth in the audience “Think borderlessly!”. One of the most influential Vietnamese businessmen in the world, Mr. Lang stresses how focusing on finding real problems within our own organizations and the society around us would bring about solutions and the inevitable profits that followed.


Mr. Gang Lu, President of Technode/TechCrunch China, introduced some of the newest Chinese emerging tech applications, namely the ‘new energy’ vehicles from Nio, Xpeng and various mobile devices by famous brands like Huami, Huawei, v.v.


Closing the first chapter of the summit was Mr. Dietmar Schwank – commercial counsellor at Advantage Austria. He perfectly transitioned the summit into its second chapter by the keynote about smart manufacturing 4.0. According to him, Vietnam has some key drivers to aid with the transition from traditional manufacturing to advanced manufacturing. Vietnam is making big strives in commercialization and possesses many ideal investment factors.

Chapter 2 – Vietnam’s Potential


akaBot’s founder – Mr. Bui Dinh Giap, started his keynote by asking the audience: “What OTHER kinds of robots do you know of [besides the physical ones]?”. To most people, robots are machines set up to do simple, manual tasks. However, Mr. Giap showed the audience how they can be so much more.

A great example is how Robotic Process Automation could help humans process the majority of structed data such as rule-based queries or spreadsheets. Meanwhile, 80% of enterprise data is unstructured data (images, voice, emails, etc.), hence conquering them by using AI would be the main challenge in the next few years.

Mr. Bui then provided an example of how RPA has benefited businesses: akaBot – a comprehensive RPA solutions for enterprise, has successfully processed over 400 loan forms for a Japanese bank by implementing RPA robots, integrated with OCR, resulted in shortened processing time and cost reduction by 60%.

Finally, he provided 3 key takeaways for any first-time RPA business adopter:

1)      Implementation is more crucial than the solution itself.

2)      Top-down execution gives the best result

3)      Raising awareness for employees ensures pro-active tech adoption.

Time is running out for each of us to catch up with technology. Therefore by applying the above recommendations, businesses will become pioneers in the 4.0 race.


Closing up the second chapter was Ms. Yuan Yi, founder of Hiverlab – an AR/VR provider for multiple industries in Singapore. She describes several emerging tech platforms and once again affirms that the humans and technology ecosystem needs to collaborate to succeed. The result would establish holistic value for users and “redefine space and time”.


The summit concluded with a panel discussion including representatives from B Capital, Quest Venture, OCB and RMIT university, who debated new insights and definitions of the deep tech world. It is from meaningful gatherings like the Vietnam Frontier Tech Summit that frontier technologies will be more widely applied among businesses, becoming the main pillar of a strong, modern and valuable 5.0 society.