With 7 billion VND made for FPT Software, akaBot earned the “iKhiến” Gold Award

In the morning of August 26, the event of announcing and awarding FPT iKhien Creative Award season 4 took place at the group briefing. Before that, at the final judging session, which took place on August 21, the Committee had discussed and decided to grant the Gold Award to akaBot- the product which was built by Mr. Bui Dinh Giap and his team at FPT. Software.

The control and monitoring system for data centers and the Accu’s quality forecasting system through FPT Telecom’s power outage log and FPT IS’s EagleEye malBot all won Silver. The fourth contestant, FPT Software Mail Merge won the Bronze Award. Also, iKhien season 4 awarded 2 Digital Transformation prizes for Akabot and FPT solutions EagleEye malBot.

akaBot was born with  the context of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology in the fast-growing market, accompanied by the need to automate hundreds of back-office business processes to save labor costs,

increase productivity and reduce errors. The product consists of three components:

  • akaBot Studio for non-programmers to design the system by drag-and-drop.
  • akaBot Center with the functions of creating an operation, coordination
  • akaBot Agent, which is able to run both on virtual machines and local PC, to automatically execute the designed business processes.

Currently, akaBot is capable of transforming all back-office jobs. Besides, the data security system is integrated with deep integration AI, OCR platform. Built-in DPO in akaBot helps to achieve extreme accuracy while using. akaBot has many advantages, but the price is highly competitive in the market. The product has been developed from July 2018 and now is serving several customers in Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, EU with a turnover of 7 billion.

Receiving the Gold Award, Dr. Bui Dinh Giap shared, “I participated in this contest with the desire to promote innovation and creativity”. The AkaBot’s owner was surprised when receiving both the Gold and the Digital Transformation Awards. He and his colleagues hope that akaBot can be deployed across FPT. During the meeting, Chairman Truong Gia Binh and FPT CEO Nguyen Van Khoa also agreed with the deployment proposal akaBot, EagleEye mailBot, FSO mail merge throughout the group.

FPT iKhien Creative Award is the FPT Innovation Award to seek and honor the creativity of FPT people. The award facilitates the promotion, brings investment opportunities (money and resources) to the author and provides experts’ advice while helping authors to promote creativity and connect with their creative communities.

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