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akaBot first joined RPA Digital World 2019 held in Nagoya

In the situation where the number of production workers surely decreases in the future, many expectations of attention gathered from the concept “collaboration between humans and robots” since 2016, and the introduction progressed by enterprises has become a standard form of personal computer work Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an approach to replace work with robots.

You may have heard the word RPA, or you may feel that more people have been saying the word RPA recently.

However, while the introduction and operation of RPA are rapidly progressing, sound issues such as “Robot development does not progress”, “There is no human resources for robot development”, “There is no system to manage robots” It is getting up and there is a company which interrupts the RPA, and steadily realizing “Human-robot collaboration” while overcoming the problem, polarization of the company which is producing results has begun to progress . So, where is the difference between these polarizations?

The wave of RPA which became enormous in Kanto is spreading nationwide, RPA BANK mission’s is to spread and promote RPA, holds “RPA DIGITAL WORLD 2019 in Nagoya” for the first time.

This is also the first time akaBot joined RPA Digital World 2019 held in Nagoya on February 13, 2019, intending to introduce some of the typical robots in finance, human resources, accounting and marketing. The event take place in 1 day including many experience zones, key note speech, Study Camp, Demo Robot, Seminar, Community and Exhibition. The event clustered largest RPA platform providers, the industry’s most prestigious consulting companies and technology renowed firms to share the latest Case Studies in the field of RPA in Japan.

According to: FPT Japan

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