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FPT DPS implemented RPA for Indonesia customers

FPT DPS helps customers quickly apply RPA (automation of the entire process) to solve problems of increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving service quality.
Starting contact and working since February, FPT DPS and customers specializing in automotive parts in Indonesia decided to go to cooperation in mid-May.

FPT DPS directly went to Indonesia to guide customers how to evaluate, select, prioritize the application of RPA for processes, security issues, scale up and operate robots. FPT representative also trained customers how to use UiPath tool (automatic data entry tool), instructing customers to develop robots right on the customer’s environment and put them into practical operation.

DPS customer is a global auto parts supplier. Customer representatives want to deploy RPA technology in Indonesia to serve the export of auto parts from large factories. In the future, customers will expand the application of RPA to other branches … Mr. Bui Dinh Giap, DPS solution specialist – FPT Software, said that this cooperation contributes to creating a comprehensive RPA solution for customers, including RPA platform (akaBot), bundled services with optimal cost and fast deployment time.

Currently, DPS’s digital processing services (FPT Software) are used by more than 100 businesses. Over 30% of them are Fortune Global 500 companies. FPT digital processing services are developed according to the digital transformation trend of technology revolution 4.0 by applying many advanced technologies. like RPA (automated process automation); OCR (optical character recognition); AI (artificial intelligence) … The implementation service consists of two separate sections: digitalization of processes and technological products. With this service, enterprises can automate the process of processing, analyzing and storing data, building digital resource warehouses, managing hardware systems, software and digitizing support activities ( accounting, finance, human resources, procurement …).

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