How RPA & Process Mining Integration Transforms Businesses: A Successful Case Study

In recent years, the integration of RPA with other platforms for a more intelligent, streamlined, and effective operation is getting more and more popular. Process Mining, which reveals the most holistic view of business processes, is among the best choice for expanding the automation horizons by detecting bottlenecks and automation opportunities.  Enterprises worldwide are applying […]

The Future of Banking is to Open

Open Banking has become an inevitable trend, according to VCCI, creating more opportunities for banks to better engage with customers and develop the products that their users will love. In Vietnam, banks are catching up with the wave, with some major players offering excellent services to their customers, by the act of sharing their data […]

SCSK EU x akaBot Case Study: The 2-Phase Roadmap to Automation

With the high demand to optimize back-office processes for employee free-up, efficiency improvement, and productivity enhancement, SCSK EU has partnered up with akaBot and applied automation to 6 processes. The below infographic details the 2-phase roadmap to automation by akaBot and its key benefits in delivering a “Fast Automation” solution to customer.     

How Vietnamese Banks Keep Up With Digitalization

With the pandemic continuing to shape the banking industry and customer behaviors, the goal of banks nowadays is not simple to digitalize communication channels (the first level of digitalization in banking). They are continuously making effort to combine digital processes for a personalized and seamless customer experience, and upgrade core banking, moving to a comprehensive […]

Top 2022 Technology Trends in Retail

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed an acceleration in technology adoption in the retail sector as a way to ensure efficient operation and recover from the pandemic. Moving to 2022, with more challenges to deliver a seamless and personalized experience to shoppers, whether online or at-store, these are the retail technology trends expected to […]

Do-It-Yourself RPA Strategy

To successfully implement RPA in an enterprise, a clear mindset as well as specific strategy is a must-have.