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Business Story for Back Office

Affected Person: Staff of Back Office Center

Business Story:

A big firm has to collect, input and prepare profiles for 300 – 500 new employees every month, taking a lot of effort and high chance of making mistakes… Before the onboarding day, the in-charge staff will be responsible for facilitating and preparing for their first day.He/she needs to perform many actions such as:

  • Cooperate with other department to create account, provide the access card, computer, insurance cards and to prepare the contract.
  • Collect & input employee’s data into Human Resource systems to manage centrally and synchronize with other systems.


  • This is a very time – consuming task.
  •  Mistakes may occur during the inputting, leading to incorrect info and may cause any serious problems related to employee benefits, salary, health insurance…in the future.


Apply RPA Robots to automate completely the whole process by:

  • Collect employee’s info from the excel files.
  • Correct data in Human Resource Utility system.
  • Input data into another human resource system.
  • Send email to all related Personal In Charge to prepare for onboarding.
  • Report the result.


  • Save ~70% the effort of the Back Office Staff.
  • The processing time is reduced to 50%.