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Business Story for Retail

Affected Person: Accounting Team

Business Story:

Company A is currently operating in Vietnam with more than 200 Shopping Malls and Stores nationwide providing employment and career opportunities for 17,000 employees.

Each day, this retail company has a bulk quantity of financial statements in PDF format.

It is required to record ALL these statements into management systems for accounting or managing purpose.

Staffs need to open one-by-one the statements file to search and copy relevant data from the file to new excel template or key-in to another system.


  • Need many people to process all the statements. Currently, the biggest shopping mall has about 30 accountants to do this job.
  • Using human to perform manually this task is an error-prone and time – consuming method.


Applying RPA robots to perform this task by:

  • Read automatically ALL the statement files using akaBot Vision.
  • Extract necessary information in the file.
  • Fill into new excel file or key-in to another system.
  • Make other reports if necessary.


  • The automation may run 24/7.
  • Reduce ~50% headcounts of accounting department.
  • The RPA robots may process simultaneously multiple files to get higher productivity.
  • The financial information will be always ready for other purposes.