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TPBank Doubles ROI By RPA akaBot

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Aimed at offering the most effective banking & finance solutions to customers, based on its advanced technological infrastructure and specialized management, TPBank has always been pioneering in setting trends in modern banking services, aiming to become the leading digital bank in Vietnam.


TPBank is an active bank with modern customers who have the high requirements for user experience. At the same time, the bank needs to retain the business continuity with cost saving in the ‘new normal’ to keep its competitive advantages at all time.

The bank wants to apply RPA across the organization, including all the main departments: Finance & Accounting, Credit, Operation, HR, Retail Banking, Legal, Internal Compliance, Risk Management, IT, etc.


The journey started with a small PoC and Pilot phase, then evolved with the Mass implementation phase. The RPA Program is established as a strategic plan in the Digital Transformation journey, helps to guide and scale up RPA across the organization with more than 200 processes.

“With a small investment, we managed to achieve results twice as much as the investment value, saving about 45 employees.”

Mr. Tong Van Tien – the Director of Digital Innovation, Information Technology Division, TPBank


After six months of implementation, akaBot already automated 75 workflows for TPBank, including account opening and closing, fund transfer, cash withdrawal, and so on. With the help of akaBot, TPBank has witnessed its processing time and costs reduced by 80 percent and 40 percent respectively while productivity and accuracy of these tasks were significantly improved. 


TPBank is expected to expand the RPA project in 2021 with more 145 bots by akaBot to accelerate the automation journey. This plan shows the bank’s clear mindset in digital transformation strategy.

With the slogan “A deeper understanding”, TPBank wants to put customers at the heart of our business, basing on customer needs to build leading service quality. Understand to share; understand to accompany customers, to create the best and the most suitable products and services, to bring the highest added value to our customers. This is also the compass for TPBank’s sustainable development.

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