Think You Know Your Processes?

Enterprise data hides a treasure trove of insights that are usually untapped. Any optimization effort starts with the correct understanding of the processes

75% of business processes are based on undocumented interactions and lack visualization

The work takes much more time and effort to be finished than you thought.

Discover inefficiencies and utilize your hidden optimization opportunities

Soroco’s Continuous Process Improvement Solution

Soroco’s Scout utilizes Process Mining to give organizations a structured view of how work happens on the ground and identifies benefits from applying a portfolio of change levers, delivering targeted change programs at scale.


at Scale

Scan your entire enterprise and find 15% savings within 48 hours by identifying hotspots of activity across your teams.


Process Excellence
and Automation

Identify and deep-dive into ‘process-ready’ teams.  Study 20+ levers at once and find another 15% savings in 4 weeks.


and Execute New
Operating Models

Define the to-be state bottom-up. Autogenerate SOP, code, XML, etc. to reduce the cost of making change by 50%. Track benefits vs. plans. 


Data Platform

Enable your data analysts to ‘mash up’ Scout data with their insights. Try our library of apps or build your own business apps, powered by the work graph.​ 

Now that you Truly Know Your Processes,
Kick-start Hyperautomation is easier than ever!

Process knowledge is the foundation of hyperautomation, the proven way to achieve operation excellence.

Estimate targeted impact of your change programs
Identify optimization/ automation opportunity
Develop optimized and standardized operations
Enable effective collaboration between members/ teams

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