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Everyone to Automate

A Full Journey of Automation

Step 1Discover
Step 3Operate
Centrally manage your automation opportunities pipeline and act upon it
Effective prioritization
Impact measurement
Faster implementation
Offer everyone the right automation canvas to design and build great software robots
Intuitive & non-tech user friendliness
Efficient management
Execute the published workflow created in akaBot Studio
High performance
Quick efficiencies delivery
High ROI
Enable robots - human collaboration by empowering people's decisions within the automation flow
Seamless operation
Efficient & prompt response
Delegate more of your digital paperwork with a boost from AI
High accuracy rate
Template-free processing ability
Monitor and manage RPA robots to ensure a secure and productive digital workforce
Powerful orchestration
Offer an RPA analytics solution for your automation journey optimization and scaling
Effective prioritization
Comprehensive analysis

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