The akaBot Platform

akaBot Platform

akaBot Platform provides comprehensive solutions for automation and digitization to help businesses improve their productivity and save costs.

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akaBot Components

The pillars of our comprehensive RPA solution

The akaBot Platform consists of four components: akaBot Studio, akaBot Agent, akaBot Center and akaBot Vision. Explore how they collaborate to transform your business!

Programing and designing automation processes with Studio’s intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Monitoring and managing RPA robots (agents) during repetitive process automation.

Executing a published workflow created in Studio. There are two types of agents: Discreet and Unattended Assistants.

OCR/ ICR Platform – A Comprehensive Document Digitization Solution with flexible information capturing from all document types.




akaBot Vision


And Revolutionize your business processes

Costs Optimization and Profit Maximization

akaBot optimizes your operational costs by automating processes such as on-boarding, IT, BO, etc. with the average automation rate of 73 percent.

Top-notch Security

Mitigate risks and information leakage by applying automation, isolation data from your employees.

Knowledge Retention

Retain know-how and knowledge in your company, improving your business process.

Outage Prevention

Provide continuous and independent services available 24/7. As a result, employees can focus on tasks that are more innovative and creative.

Employees Empowerment & Services Improvement

Empower employees and boost productivity by executing processes 10 times faster than usual

Full Value of Integration

Integrate the new system with the existing legacy in a quick, secure and cost-saving manner.

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CoE (Center of Excellence)

akaBot offers deployment services which comprehends: analyzing requirement; developing RPA programs based on the chosen platform, testing robots and establishing them into the working environment.



Design & build RPA robot

Integration with OCR, Chatbot, Voice, AI engines

Automation delivery, deployment, testing & maintenance

Build a RPA Center of Excellence for consistent implementation and support


& Support​

Operate, monitor, and maintain Robotics processes

Provide governance, management and documentation training and supporting

Update automation trends and technology

Support change management


Assessment & Proof of
Concept (POC)

Complete Survey of business processes

Identify and priority potential business processes

Assess readiness of infrastructure and security

Evaluate and select RPA tool

Conduct business and technical PoC

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