What is Hyperautomation?​

After being introduced, hyperautomation has quickly held the first place in the top 10 technology trends selected by Gartner. So let’s follow this article to find out what is hyperautomation and why it becomes the most popular trend in the automation industry? What is Hyperautomation? According to Gartner, hyperautomation is the concept allowing every operational task […]

Gartner’s 2021 Predictions: Hyperautomation is the Future

Every year, Gartner releases various predictions for the upcoming year’s trends on IT, marketing, leadership and more. One of the most anticipated trends is automation, which since the last couple of years have been elevated to a much more futuristic discussion: Hyperautomation.  The predictions are live in the on-demand webinar titled “The Gartner 2021 Predictions: […]

3 Challenges for Banks When Applying RPA Solutions

Implementation of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) for digital transformation is the key trend for traditional banks to compete with online banking services. RPA serves as a powerful tool for banks to overcome challenges, however, are banks ready for RPA challenges? Source: Automation Edge The fact that banks are frequently under the pressure of optimising cost […]

What Do People Do When Bots Are Already Onboard?

With the rise of robots, many employees are afraid of being unemployed. However, in the digital workplace, the most ideal team is people and robots together. These two types of workforces will enable companies to become more efficient, productive and competitive. How do robots affect the workplace? The idea of self-operating machines has long been […]

5 questions you should consider before automation or digital transformation

If you are reading this article, chances are you are looking to apply automation into your business.  Considering RPA’s advantages of expanding capacity, time-saving opportunities, reallocating production efforts, and increasing productivity, more and more companies are implementing automation into their process. Although automation might seem like the right choice for your business, there are a […]

5 Automation Tech Trends in 4.0 Era

Since the platforms for the 4.0 industry revolution are introduced, the automation industry is growing over time. With the support from big technology innovations such as The Internet of Things, Big Data, Edge Computing… the automation industry has witnessed an increasingly significant upgrade. Here are 5 automation trends that businesses need to take into consideration. […]

How RPA is applied in different industries?

Being a technology trend with high applications, do businesses already know how to apply RPA into many industries and fields in their operational processes to exploit the full potential of this virtual robot technology? RPA resembles a virtual workforce that liberates employees from doing a repetitive job many times and easily making mistakes while it […]

The DX Race of Finance and Banking Sector

Industry 4.0 is happening all around us where significant transformation is occurring thanks to the digitization in many existing industries. Customers are adapting quickly to this eminent change as more and more people have grown accustomed to internet banking, or virtual assistants. According to the 2025 Fintech and Bank report from Bankbase and IDC, more […]

3 Challenges for Banks in the “New Normal”

Amidst the chaos of the Covid-19, the implementation of technological advancements is essential with face-to-face financial services such as the banking industry in order to keep up with the demands of the post-pandemic scenario. To resolve the problem, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is now transforming the banking sector. Source: HelpSystems As we all know, on-location […]