akaBot Vision Solution Won U.S. Patent

akaBot’s IDP solution has received a U.S. Patent for its breakthrough innovation, Machine Learning systems for auto-splitting and classifying documents with ease and flawless results.

akaBot solution has been granted a U.S. patent for intellectual property related to Machine Learning systems for auto-splitting and classifying documents technology. The akaBot patent generally relates to the field of document processing, specifically to machine learning systems for auto-splitting and classifying documents.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded the patent, considered one of the most prestigious patents in the world. To be patentable, the invention (subject matter eligible) must be statutory, novel, useful, and non-obvious. 

akaBot is excited to introduce innovative concepts in the subject matter, including cutting-edge Machine Learning technology. One innovative aspect of the akaBot solution can be embodied in a computer-implemented method for auto-splitting and classifying a multi-paged input document into one or more sub-documents using a Machine Learning system. 

In today’s digital age, large volumes of documents are generated and managed by organizations and individuals daily. These include, for example, contracts, invoices, legal documents, financial documents, and other important documents that are critical to the functioning of organizations. Managing and processing these documents can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. In addition, the manual process can introduce the risk of errors and inconsistencies that can impact the accuracy and reliability of the information stored.

The machine learning system is designed and trained to realize several tangible advantages. It is highly evaluated for providing a comprehensive solution with the ability to handle a large volume of documents in a short period, which reduces time, manual effort, and resources and allows for a streamlined, more efficient, and more effective document processing system. Besides, the system can learn continuously over time, adapting to meet the specific needs of the organization. 

The application of this Machine Learning invention is demonstrated in akaBot Vision and UBot Invoice. These solutions leverage cognitive capture, deep learning, and natural language processing technology to support an organization’s push to become more digital by transforming structured and unstructured documents into usable data that bots and the broader organization can leverage. Significantly, the UBot ecosystem has facilitated more than 3,000 Vietnamese SMEs to succeed in digital transformation with 4.8 million invoices processed and a total automation value of 700,000 trillion VND. Hundreds of bots have operated at peak performance to process millions of input and output data needed to generate close to 200,000 invoices and orders per month. 

The patent protected exclusively in the US has demonstrated akBot’s effort in providing comprehensive solutions for organizations to thrive in the digital transformation journey. The US patent guarantee is a striking stepping stone and an incredible motivation for akaBot to leverage our technological position worldwide, and continue optimizing cutting-edge solutions and service quality to conquer the international market and customers around the globe.

akaBot (FPT) is the operation optimization solution for enterprises based on RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform combined with Process Mining, OCR, Intelligent Document Processing, Machine Learning, Conversational AI, etc. Serving clients in 20+ countries, across 08 domains such as Banking & Finances, Retails, IT Services, Manufacturing, and Logistics…, akaBot is featured by Gartner Peer Insights, G2, and ranked as Top 6 Global RPA Platform by Software Reviews. akaBot also won the prestigious Stevie Award, The Asian Banker Award 2021, etc.

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