How akaBot Shines In The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023?

akaBot as a Major Contender – Accelerating capabilities to accompany business’s success

akaBot’s performance assessment as a ‘Major Contender’ in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023. This recognition reflects akaBot’s effort to provide innovative and comprehensive global solutions to various industries.

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The Everest Group analyzed 25 leading RPA technology providers and ranked them in the categories “Leader”, “Major Contender” and “Aspirant” in the PEAK Matrix®Assessment. The report provides a comparative assessment of tech, tech service providers, best-in-class products, and solutions based on absolute market success and overall capability. In addition, various factors such as vision, capabilities/functionality, talent availability, market success/impact, and cost are considered during the evaluation.

akaBot blooming inPEAK Matrix®Assessment 2023

Scoring high across various categories

akaBot scores high in Value Delivered, Market Impact Overall, Commercial Model, Market Adoption, and Product Training & Support.

As a Major Contender, akaBot has provided a comprehensive solution by forging strategic partnerships for complementary technologies such as Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), process orchestration, process mining, and task mining. The platform also provides a web-based studio with a drag-and-drop interface for mapping automation workflows.

Besides, the report recognizes akaBot for its goal to have easy-to-integrate RPA and AI products compliant with data security standards. akaBot’s remarkable investments include SaaS accounting automation software to automate invoices, offer affordable software to SMEs, and enhanced accuracy for document processing automation in local languages. 

Critical strengths as a Major Contender

Additionally, based on a thorough analysis of capabilities and valuable customer feedback, the report also identified several strengths that characterize akaBot as a Major Contender, including:

  • akaBot has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions by offering in-house capabilities for complementary technologies such as IDP and API automation and expanded technologies such as conversational AI, process mining, and task mining.
  • akaBot has introduced a no-/low-code platform to build, test, and share custom use case-specific applications.
  • The platform has developed an OOTB plug-in trigger to automate processes directly from within business applications.
  • akaBot has made enhancements in akaBot Hub with an ability to capture and manage automation opportunities and process improvements, prioritized by impact and ROI.
  • The product provides flexible commercial models. akaBot also offers an online training portal with certification courses for citizen developers and professional developers.
  • Customers applaud the quick response time and support availability for query resolution as the critical strengths of the platform. They also appreciate the product’s ease of use.

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akaBot (FPT) is the operation optimization solution for enterprises based on RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform combined with Process Mining, OCR, Intelligent Document Processing, Machine Learning, Conversational AI, etc. Serving clients in 20+ countries, across 08 domains such as Banking & Finances, Retails, IT Services, Manufacturing, and Logistics…, akaBot is featured by Gartner Peer Insights, G2, and ranked as Top 6 Global RPA Platform by Software Reviews. akaBot also won the prestigious Stevie Award, The Asian Banker Award 2021, etc.

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