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Credit Limit Increase Processing
  • Application: Finance & Banking
  • Value: 70% of processing time saved, 99.9% accuracy
  • Technologies applied: RPA (Human & bot collaboration)
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Proof of Fund Auto Issuance
  • Application: Finance & Banking
  • Value: Only 2-minute processing time 
  • Technologies applied: RPA, Case Management 
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Intelligent Invoice Processing
  • Application: Finance & Accounting
  • Value: 90% of processing time saved, 50% of operational cost saved & Happy Accountants 
  • Technologies applied: IDP, RPA
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Pre-approval Letter processing in Mortgage
  • Application: Finance & Banking
  • Value: 100% automated operation, 99.9% accuracy
  • Technologies applied: IDP, Chatbot, RPA
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Efficient DX in Banking & Finance with Hyperautomation
  • 500+ processes automated per bank 
  • 15 business units supported by bots 
  • Double ROI
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A Fast Transformation for Retail & FMCG Industry
  • Millions of invoice processed per year 
  • Efficient supply chain management 
  • Prompt customer support 
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A New Era of Manufacturing with Optimized Operation
  • Fast ROI (within 6 months)
  • 60% of operation costs saved
  • Easy scaling for enterprise of all sizes
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How To Start Q4 Properly And End 2022 On A Good Note?

As Q4 approaches, every company is striving to break through and achieve its annual goals. According to Kabbage’s survey of 300 small businesses in the US, Q4 is the time when businesses generate the largest income of the year. Therefore, companies need to put in high-performance efforts to accelerate in Q4 and make plans for a more productive and successful 2023.

akaBot is made for everyone
How Staff Value Robotics Automation In Workplace

Mihai Faur, a CAO who was responsible for introducing RPA to a finance department of a global software company in the US, affirmed that companies with RPA could get the return on investment incredibly fast. Not only the company, but the human workforce itself also benefits significantly from the advantages of RPA. 

akaBot is made for everyone
What is Hyperautomation?

After being introduced, hyperautomation has quickly held the first place in the top 10 technology trends selected by Gartner. So let’s follow this article to find out what is hyperautomation and why it becomes the most popular trend in the automation industry?

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What our Clients talk
about akaBot
Masatoshi Chiba
General Manager, SCSK Europe

"We believe that we can always extend the automation horizons even more by integrating RPA robots with other intelligent technologies. With that expectation in mind, we decided to partner with akaBot."

time saved
effort saved
What our Clients talk
about akaBot
Tong Van Tien
Digital Innovation Director, TPBank

"By the end of 2021, TPBank has already implemented nearly 300 bots on the akaBot platform to save the efforts of hundreds of full-time employees and retain the continuity in customer experience. We have switched to a higher level of RPA – intelligent automation (20 bots), powered-by-AI applications, virtual assistants, etc."

Positive feedback
What our Clients talk
about akaBot
Representative Director
Thinkpower Taiwan

"akaBot enables users to quickly establish the automation processes by simple dragging and dropping processes. The tools of different functions such as excel automation, email automation and web automation benefit users to increase the productivity. Also, akaBot works quite well with not only MS products, but also web and legacy systems. The user experience is thus enhanced with its flexibility and fast execution time."

user experience
What our Clients talk
about akaBot
Representative Director
Shinsegae I&C

"I wanted to apply RPA to simple and repetitive tasks performed by employees. I’m already using AA, but the cost is too high. So, I could choose akaBot. Because of the special price and service about License, deployment and operation. I applied akaBot to our process."

What our Clients talk
about akaBot
Tran Thi Hong Nhan
Head of Finance & Accounting Department
Central Retail in Vietnam

"Thanks to positive results from RPA application, Central Retail in Vietnam (CRV) can expand our strategy, strengthen our operation over all the sales channels. With a remarkable time saved, CRV can focus more on service quality and customer experience enhancement."

time saved
saved per year
What our Clients talk
about akaBot
Pham Quoc Thanh
Chief Executive Officer, HDBank

"FPT Software stands out in the market for their excellent customer service, reasonable costs, and in-depth experience in RPA implementation for various banks in Vietnam."

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