akaBot – The “Major Contender”, facilitating businesses to reach operational excellence

akaBot became the first technology solution provider in Vietnam to be ranked in the prestigious Everest Group’s RPA Products PEAK Matrix as a Major Contender. akaBot’s goal was to address and resolve business challenges by offering comprehensive solutions that promise improved productivity, enhanced reliability, increased performance, and reduced operating costs. 

Peak Matrix – A prestigious industry benchmark for world-class service providers

The PEAK Matrix provides an objective, data-driven assessment of tech, tech service providers, best-in-class products, and best-in-class solutions based on vision, capabilities/functionality, performance, experiences, talent availability, market success/impact, and cost. 2 key areas assessed are overall market success and delivery capabilities. Market success is measured by revenue, number of clients, and year-over-year growth. Delivery capability is measured by the scale of operations, scope, technology and innovation, delivery footprint, and buyer satisfaction. 

The resulting matrix categorizes providers as Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants. Major Contenders are expanding their presence across industries, geographies, and buyer-size segments. They aim to scale automation, from routine task automation to complex process automation. “Major Contenders have invested in offering a holistic automation solution by building in-house capabilities or forging strategic partnerships for complementary technologies such as IDP, process orchestration, process mining, and task mining.” – Everest Group.

The PEAK Matrix assessment has been well known for supporting thousands of businesses and decision-makers worldwide in making the best IT solution selection and spending due to unbiased evaluation and trustworthy customer reference interviews. Meanwhile, providers of tech services, products, and solutions, look to the PEAK Matrix to gauge and calibrate their offerings against their peers.

Major Contender – Delivering values that drive your success

With a strong client base in the APAC region, investments made in leveraging our “One-stop shop solution”, and high value delivered to its clients, akaBot is honored to be a Major Contender on Everest Group’s RPA Products PEAK Matrix® 2023. “akaBot’s localized customer support, quick response time, and product’s ease of use are some of the key strengths highlighted by its clients.”, shared Amardeep Modi, Vice President at Everest Group. 

With rigorous assessment, akaBot is highly praised across various criteria, including Value Delivered, Market Impact Overall, Commercial Model, Market Adoption, and Product Training & Support.

More than just ranking, akaBot shows impressive performance in customer adoption and service to help businesses optimize operations and reach the top possibility. To become a game-changer in the RPA landscape and emerge as the top solution for businesses of all sizes, akaBot has constantly developed a comprehensive ecosystem. akaBot provides in-house capabilities for complementary technologies such as IDP and API automation. To maximize the efficiency of our solutions, we have constantly upgraded technologies such as conversational AI, process mining, and task mining. We offer in-house capability and a partnership with Software AG to provide process orchestration. 

akaBot envisions providing easy-to-integrate RPA and AI products compliant with data security standards. Our key investments include SaaS accounting automation software to automate invoices, offer affordable software to SMEs, and enhanced accuracy for document processing automation in local languages. 

akaBot also offers a portal to enable automaton CoEs to crowdsource, manage, and prioritize the automation pipeline. We also allow business users to calculate the RoI of the automation workflow by displaying the cost involved in manual effort and the number of hours saved due to automation. Besides, users have appreciated the ease of use of the platform since akaBot provides a no-/low-code platform to build, test, and share custom use case-specific applications and off-the-shelf templates for the applications. 

akaBot is also highly evaluated for a flexible commercial model including fixed capacity-based, per transaction-/process-based, fixed-fee enterprise-wide, and developer /user-based licenses. akaBot’s run-time license can facilitate billing based on the total robot’s run-time, and a concurrent license can facilitate billing based on the maximum number of robots running simultaneously.

In terms of product training and development, we are considered efficient in providing an online training portal with certification courses for citizen developers and professional developers. akaBot has also constituted an online user community and support forum.  

Until now, akaBot has conquered 3,900 businesses in 21 countries worldwide in every major market such as the EU, US, and ME. In 2023, akaBot made an effort to leap into Asia and APAC markets – those dynamic and open-to-innovative-technology markets, to accelerate their operations. With our comprehensive solutions to harness the full potential of automation, akaBot has successfully conquered many large enterprises, helping businesses reach operational excellence.

Explore how akaBot is featured on Everest Group RPA PEAK Matrix® for the first time and overview of key RPA players across various dimensions here!

Among akaBot’s thousands of clients is Pastry Pro, Malaysia’s largest supplier of premium quality baking ingredients. With the companion from akaBot, Pastry Pro is now benefiting from a more efficient process with 90% of on-demand stock tracking processes being automated. The company is confident with further steps in the digital transformation journey, heading to operational excellence in the fast-growing industry.

akaBot is also the ultimate choice for SCSK Europe to deliver the biggest outcomes. By collaborating with akaBot, SCSK EU has successfully automated 6 internal processes (back-office). Besides, the SCSK EU also implemented akaBot for 2 clients in the Chemical & Agriculture industry (Product data collection & Credit approval process automation). The results were impressive: 75% of month-end reporting was reduced, 85% of processing time was saved, and 4 weeks of fast automation.

The journey to this recognition is a continuous effort from the akaBot team to constantly develop our one-stop-shop automation solution and leverage customer experience, providing them with a seamless and well-designed platform to help them achieve their goals.

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