How akaBot is named the RPA Leader, Enterprise Leader, and Best Result in G2 Spring 2022 RPA Report

As a tailored automation solution provider, we value nothing more than customer feedback. That’s why we are honored to be recognized as the RPA Leader, Enterprises Leader, and notably Best Result by our clients on G2 – the world’s top IT product review site. The opinions of our users have brought about valuable insights for akaBot to improve our product ecosystem and better serve our customers.

Address the biggest obstacle in digital transformation: employee resistance

According to McKinsey, human barriers are the main cause of 70% of digital transformation project failures. Most of the time, employees lack the necessary technical knowledge to understand how technology can transform the processes and benefit the enterprise as a whole.  The complexity of technology applications can be another important reason for the low acceptance rate of employees to the new changes.

In this Spring Report, customers highly appreciate akaBot’s solution due to the outstanding adoption rate of 74% (32% higher than the average).  Based on the reviews, akaBot is recognized as “useful”, “flexible and handy”, smart and speedy”, and “easy-to-use”. akaBot provides solutions customized to fit each customer’s need and problem, offering a user-friendly interface, and applying the “Fast to Mass” methodology for quick implementation and scaling. 

akaBot offers low code and no code solution, which has been highlighted in our customer reviews: “Bot is easy to use, turn it on and let it go it will run by itself, so I don’t need to spend too much effort” – Hoat B.

akaBot named the RPA Leader, Enterprise Leader, and Best Result in G2 Spring 2022 RPA Report 

Well satisfy customer’s expectations

According to the report, akaBot appears in the Top 5 RPA Leaders and Enterprise Leaders due to the high customer satisfaction and a large market presence. G2 considers these criteria crucial to all clients of different domains and also hard to maintain for solution providers. 

Up to now, akaBot has been delivering automation solutions to 600+ businesses across 14 countries with top industries benefiting from our solutions are Banking, Marketing and Advertising, Retail, Accounting, and Automotive. 

Besides, the assessment of akaBot’s clients is also determined by critical criteria, including quality of support, ease of use, meeting requirements, ease of admin, ease of doing business with, and ease of setup. akaBot is proudly recognized for excellent support service, user-friendly features, and the capabilities to resolve 90% of customer automation demands. 

Scott S. – a product manager of a mid-market company, represented a high satisfaction level and via the review on G2, highlighting the flexibility of the solution to integrate different intelligent technologies with the core RPA to develop a comprehensive and intelligent automation process (hyperautomation): “The whole infrastructure is straightforward but flexible to deploy. We help deploy the Center (the management platform) on Linux or Windows. Also, akaBot team provides prompt and thorough responses whenever there’s any inquiry from our side; as an overseas user, we don’t feel any gap in terms of communication or product delivery. Furthermore, the product keeps utilizing the ability to integrate with multiple applications, making it easy to be consolidated into different solutions; we are able to combine RPA with AI and more innovative technologies!”

The satisfaction ratings of customers for akaBot’s solutions. Source:

Offer the best results to businesses

Instead of using the subjective opinion of one analyst, G2 focuses on the customer’s real and unbiased customer reviews on its platforms and other online sources or social networks to rate different products and solution providers. It also makes use of the G2 results algorithm v1.0 to calculate the results. In order to validate users, G2 requires LinkedIn accounts or verified business emails in the submission process.

akaBot is the RPA solution with Best Result. Source:

With the aim to put customers at our heart, akaBot has continuously improved its product and service quality. The results have been shown in our customer feedback: 100% of akaBot’s clients graded us 4 and 5 stars. Also, as the solution with Best Results Index, akaBot: 

  • Receives the highest results score of 84%
  • Are likely to be recommended by 93% of customers 
  • Successfully resolve 90% of customer requirements

The high speed of service delivery and instant results are one of the most outstanding competitive advantages of akaBot. According to our customers, the solution is capable to offer: 

  • 7 months of estimated ROI payback period (the average is 13.71 months)
  • Short time to go live of 2.67 months (the average is 3.14 months)

On listening to akaBot’s customer opinions, we are delighted to know that akaBot is the first autobot that brings about fruitful results to our client: “This implementation of akaBot requires not too many costs and effort but the results are incredible. Its user interface is quite easy to operate and every designing tool is easy to locate for process design. There are some mini solutions which are modifiable to create our own automation process” – Christine L.

akaBot truly appreciates all the feedback from our customers on G2 and is happy to know the solution has been helpful to better people’s working lives. We are constantly improving our solution ecosystems and incorporating new technologies to exceed customer experience.  

Explore akaBot and other top robotic process automation (RPA) solutions in G2 Spring Report here!

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