akaBot Was Honored “Innovation Star Award” In Vietnam Innovation Challenge 2023

At the Vietnam Innovation Challenge (VIC) awards ceremony, akaBot was honored as Innovation Star of the Year and will be honored in an international exhibition in the presence of the Prime Minister. Under the direction of the Ministry of Planning and Investment and in collaboration with the National Innovation Centre and Meta Corporation, the Vietnam […]

How Intelligent Automation Is Transforming The Insurance Industry?

In the digital age, new automation technologies and rising customer expectations are driving new digital businesses to advance. But the insurance industry has been historically slower to undertake major digital transformations. Several insurers still rely heavily on paper-based manual processes, causing customers to wait for prolonged periods while employees experience complex documentation. However, Intelligent Automation […]

Emerging Duo-Platform Strategy In RPA Migration

Many businesses have started their automation journey with Gen1 RPA. However, Gen2 RPA emerges as an innovative solution to remedy and counteract issues of Gen1. This facilitates organizations to migrate their automation initiatives to another platform. According to a survey, 74% of businesses are considering or in the process of migrating their RPA estates to […]

What Should RPA Freshers Keep in Mind When Creating Bots?

When starting with RPA platforms, many developers think that creating bots is simply a continuous drag-and-drop process to get the bot to run. However, to build understandable, easily modifiable, and sustainable RPA bots under changing environmental conditions, developers need to invest more. After two months of working at akaBot, RPA Developer Lương Minh Duy has […]

akaBot Wins Big in G2 Summer 2023 Report

This Summer, akaBot is excited to announce that we continue to be highly appreciated by our customers on G2, the world’s trustworthy review platform for software and services, with 13 exciting badges for our collection. With our dedicated efforts throughout the years, we have served various customers from many industries and have received remarkable reviews […]

akaBot Blooming in G2 Spring Report for RPA

G2 Spring Report for 2023 is here! – We are thrilled to announce that akaBot is once again recognized by customers and G2 as the RPA Leader on G2 Grid® Report for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) | Spring 2023. We also gained new 8 badges for our G2 collection this season.  A winning streak, thanks […]

3 Tips to Build Bots More Efficiently With akaBot Studio

For the newbies to the akaBot Studio platform, our free Akademy courses can provide you with basic knowledge and skills. However, when it comes to practice, you will need the following tips to quickly get familiar with the platform and avoid errors. RPA is easy to access and has low entry barriers. Since working with […]

For a Stronger Women In Tech Community – Sharings From Successful Tech Ladies

According to a study from Deloitte, about a quarter of leadership roles in big tech firms will be held by women. This shows that the role and capabilities of women is increasingly being recognized, especially in a field that is dominated by men. On celebrating Women’s History Month, we show our appreciation for the contribution […]

Transforming Automation Applications With ChatGPT & akaBot

As companies continue to digitize their operations, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become increasingly popular, as well as more challenges facing the RPA deployment team. RPA involves automating repetitive tasks using software robots. However, as tasks become more complex, RPA bots can struggle to keep up. This is where AI comes in. What is ChatGPT […]

Putting Customer First, akaBot Recognized in 2022 Gartner Peer Insight ‘Voice of the Customer’ Report and HFS Research SaaS & IDP Studies

akaBot was recently featured in some important reports and research in the IT world: 2022 Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Robotic Process Automation and HFS Research’s “Unlock the data in your documents to transform processing” and “akaBot goes SaaS-first to deliver robust process-specific RPA”. The Hyperautomation ecosystem has been highly evaluated with its […]