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  • Important characteristics of Future Enterprises 
  • IA’s role and trends in business IT strategy 
  • Strategic framework & roadmap to harness the IA power
By 2024, over 90% of organizations will have implemented some level of automation across multiple processes
Automation priorities have heightened post-Covid-19


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Case study: TPBank Vietnam successfully leveraging intelligent automation with akaBot

By the end of 2021, TPBank has already implemented nearly 300 bots on the akaBot platform to save the efforts of hundreds of full-time employees and retain the continuity in customer experience. We have switched to a higher level of RPA – intelligent automation (20 bots), powered-by-AI applications, virtual assistants, etc.

Mr. Tong Van Tien Digital Innovation Director TPBank

…and head to Hyperautomation!

IDP – The Very First Step to Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation quickly dominates the technology trends of 2022 thanks to its outstanding ability to integrate advanced technology solutions, expand automation capabilities and optimize business operations.

What is Hyperautomation?​

After being introduced, hyperautomation has quickly held the first place in the top 10 technology trends selected by Gartner. So let’s follow this article to

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