85% of End-Month Reporting Time for More Efficient Back Office

About Customer

A system integrator with headquartered in Japan, owning 14 branches across the country and in 7 other nations.


The company implements multiple projects per month, putting a massive workload on back-office departments such as procurement, finance, recruitment, administration and so on. Since all the tasks were still conducted manually, mistakes and inaccuracies were inevitable, especially at peak times like the end of the month, quarter or year. The efficiency, therefore, remained a huge concern for managing levels.


FPT akaBot’s taskforce team divided the project into two phases: Assessment and Implementation.

– Assessment: In order to identify and prioritize potential processes to be automated, our team dug deep into the enterprise’s operation and provided consultation on the roadmap for RPA deployment. This stage also enabled employees’ awareness of automation capabilities and benefits, thereby preparing necessary skills and psychology for upcoming changes.

– Implementation: This is when to convert all preparation into action. In order to ensure cost-efficiency for customers, the offshore working model was applied, in which all the communications were conducted via online and tasks were performed on Cloud.


The project is completed after 4 weeks. The impacts can be witnessed overnight. The appearance of automation software has reduced 75% of effort on month-end reporting and 85% of processing time. Report accuracy is also significantly improved as those robotics employees are less error-prone than human workers, available 24/7 and never becomes exhausted.


An efficient back office ensures the health of a business and allows it to focus on core competencies.

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