Experts Share Tips On How To Succeed In Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a must for every organization, with Industry 4.0 proven to be one of the most crucial landmarks in the business landscape. As digital technology is transforming how businesses operate, it is essential to look at the Digital transformation’s benefits and tips to be successful in the digitalization journey.

McKinsey Global Surveys shows that 90% of key business leaders reveal their organizations have implemented at least one large-scale digital transformation in the past two years. With that in mind, thought leaders have shared some valuable thoughts on how companies should move forward today. Here’s what the experts say.

Digital transformation: View of experts

Always have a strategic plan

Strategic planning is key before embarking on any digital transformation. It is a long-term process and helps organizations reimage their core business.

“Many firms start a digital transformative initiative without creating a plan. Since a digital transformation is about your brand that is very dangerous. Without a strategic plan that includes a digital transformation roadmap, there are many ways to create a bad impression on your audience. Once problems have been created on social media it is hard to fix them. A best practice is to create a strategic plan that includes a road map, engagement, content, and marketing strategy. The plan should also include ways to capture, measure, manage, and analyze metrics.” – Debra Ruh, CEO of Ruh Global Communications and CO-Founder of AXSChat.

Organizations need to embark on comprehensive strategic plans before heading to digital transformation (Source:

Digital transformation is a journey

Digital transformation is an ongoing journey and is a series of evolutionary. So before following a roadmap for digital transformation, business leaders should set the vision and strategy for their transformation, creating a clear and compelling digital path for action and implementation. 

Many digital transformation projects fail due to not understanding the end goal or what success looks like for the business. Identifying the goal before the project starts is critical—organizations can work backward from there to identify the needed steps to achieve success.” – Zvi Guterman, Founder and CEO of CloudShare.

Empower employees to engage in digital transformation

Digital transformation is not just about advanced technologies, but also focusing on changing employee’s mindsets and behaviors. Therefore, leaders have a critical role in motivating employees to embrace digital transformation and become more innovative and agile. 

A leader’s main responsibility is to create an inclusive culture where employees feel empowered to experiment, fail, and learn from each experience. Letting emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds make project decisions is key. Employee-led projects in a healthy culture create successful digital transformation. Empowering innovation works a lot better than trying to force change from the top”. – Shiv Sundar, Co-Founder and COO of Esper.

Empowering employees in digital transformation can drive faster innovation (Source:

Transition to emerging technologies

Newly emerging technologies drive digital transformation processes, and experts predict that 2024 will see some of the most exciting, disruptive, and innovative technology possibilities.

According to Gartner, organizations transforming to digital transformation should transition from immature automation to more intelligent, agile automation strategies. Intelligent Automation (IA) is a key for businesses to foster digital business transformation.

The C-suite believes in the benefits that Intelligent Automation provides. According to the 2022 Intelligent Automation Benchmark Study by Forbes, a majority (90%) of global executives said workflow automation can ensure business continuity. And nearly 89% thought companies that are digitally transformed can achieve a competitive advantage.

McKinsey states that companies across various industries that have adopted Intelligent Automation are experiencing 20-35% annual run-rate efficiencies due to 50-70% task automation. Besides, 90% of executives whose organizations are moving forward with Intelligent Automation reveal it brings higher value for employees, according to the IBM Institute for Business Value.

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Intelligent Automation opens new doors for organizations to enhance digital transformation (Source:


The digital transformation potential is enormous. Organizations that want to take advantage of these transformations should define a long-term goal, initiate the right strategic plans, embrace a digital mindset, and take action with flexibility. Besides, having a roadmap for disruptive technologies is pivotal in achieving significant success.

Intelligent Automation is a highly promising technology for companies to accelerate digital transformation efforts. Significantly, Intelligent Automation can foster human and bot collaboration, facilitating businesses to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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