G2 Platform And The Business Value of G2 Reviews

Every quarter, businesses look forward to G2’s Seasonal Reports to discover solutions tailored to their business needs. Those reports are based on unbiased reviews of customers who have used the products, creating a standard measurement for technology solutions on the market. In G2’s 2022 Summer RPA Report, akaBot was honored to be awarded RPA Leader for the 4th season.

What is G2?

G2 (formerly G2 Crowd) is the world’s leading B2B software and services review platform. This is a reputable and reliable platform because G2 allows users to share authentic, unbiased experiences and evaluate technology products, helping businesses make smarter software decisions.

Source: G2.com

How do businesses benefit from the G2 platform?

According to Invesp, 90% of customers read online reviews before browsing a product, and 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This proves that online reviews are having a great influence on customers’ decisions.


  • For technology buyers: These online reviews help users have an objective view to drive better purchasing decisions, saving time of trying many different solutions and minimizing the risk of trying new products.
  • For tech users and implementers: Listening to users’ feedback helps businesses have an overall picture of the customer’s buying journey to develop products, improve user trust and adoption rates. Online reviews also facilitate businesses to make improvements that are suitable for existing platforms, avoiding wasted investment.

G2 Seasonal Reports – The legit review source

Within each set of the Seasonal Reports, G2 will launch multiple sub-reports, ranking suppliers based on different criteria. Here are three typical G2 report types:

Grid® Reports

This report provides an overview of remarkable technology products and ranks these solutions by two main factors: customer satisfaction (based on over 1.7 million genuine user reviews) and market presence (based on market share, seller size, and social growth), helping businesses discover different solutions fit their needs. Products are classified into four categories on the Grid®:

  • Leader products are highly rated by G2 users and have high market recognition.
  • High Performer products have high customer satisfaction scores and low market presence than the rest of the products in the category. 
  • Contender products have relatively low satisfaction scores and high market presence compared to the rest of the products in the category.
  • Niche products have relatively low satisfaction scores and low market presence compared to the rest of the category.

Grid Report (Source: G2.com)

Products displayed on Grid® for Robotic process automation (RPA) have received a minimum of 10 reviews/ratings in the data collected before May 31, 2022.

Index Reports

The report aggregates multiple data points collected from verified user reviews to produce a unique product score. This type of report highlights product success in usability, deployment, relationships, and results.

Specifically, in the Results report, G2 will evaluate and rank products based on the following criteria: Likelihood to Recommend, Meet Requirements, Average User Adoption, ROI Factors (Estimated ROI), and Time to Go Live.

This Index report helps businesses evaluate the technology products in more detail so they can choose the right solution to solve real-world business problems based on the priority factor highlighted in the report.

Index Report (Source: G2.com)

In the G2 Spring RPA 2022 Report, akaBot was also honored to be named the Best Results, ranking #1 among 13 RPA solutions globally.

Momentum Reports

This report highlights products that are innovating and evolving, as well as their growth trajectory over the year based on user satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence. Specifically, G2 collects and verifies reviews on its platform and other reputable review sources, and then uses a special algorithm – G2 results algorithm v1.0 to come up with a final Momentum score for the product. G2 badges will be awarded to products with top Momentum Grid® scores.

Momentum Report (Source: G2.com)

For the RPA category, the products that appear in the Momentum Grid® have received at least 10 reviews. Software buyers can compare products in the RPA category to simplify the product selection process. For sellers, media, investors, and analysts, Momentum Grid® provides benchmarks to compare products and assess market trends.

To be included in this report, products must have at least 1 year of data on G2. These ratings may change as the product evolves, the technology solution providers make improvements to the product, or the product receives new reviews shared by users. A new Momentum Grid® report for this category will be released as all the important data is collected.

akaBot secures RPA Leader in G2 Summer Reports

This summer, G2 released the Summer 2022 RPA Report, ranking the key RPA providers worldwide.

This is the fourth season that akaBot has been recognized and rewarded by the G2 platform and users as the RPA Leader:

  • Reaches the top (96%) in information security and second in scalability (91%).
  • Offer 7 months of estimated ROI payback period (the average is 13.71 months); 74% of the acceptance rate of employees, ranking 2nd out of 26 technology solutions.
  • Receives the top 3 for effective support quality (95%) and ease of use (95%).
  • Successfully solve 91% of customer needs.
  • 93% of users are willing to recommend the akaBot solution to businesses that desire automation.
  • The provider develops continuously and comprehensively (in terms of website presence, social presence, employee growth, and the number of reviews on the G2 platform).

The journey to this award is a continuous effort from the akaBot team to constantly acquire valuable reviews from users to develop products and improve customer experience. The recognition and trust of G2 and customers is also a motivation for akaBot to continue expanding advanced technologies/services, meeting the increasing requirements of customers, and penetrating the potential market globally.

To appreciate our customers and partners to have accompanied and trusted akaBot over the past time, akaBot offers businesses 2 months of free experience with the automation solution here. Discover the world’s leading RPA solution today!

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